Digital Loyalty Programmes: From the eyes of the consumer

Loyalty comes a long way, whether it’s a relationship with your family or friends. It strengthens the bridge that brings you from one end to another. For customers and businesses, this case has never been truer.


Customer loyalty is something that’s been comprehensively adopted by businesses in their corporate strategies. To establish customer loyalty, a brand has to provide additional benefits in order to gain high customer retention. One of these methods of establishing brand loyalty is the implementation of digital loyalty programmes.


Digital loyalty programmes are offered by brands that provide customers with additional benefits. It encourages the customer to buy more and more from a brand. Doing so should provide customers with more benefits as time goes on.


From the eyes of a businessman, this may seem like a good idea. But what about the perspective of a consumer? Are digital loyalty programmes really beneficial?


User-friendly experience

To put it straightly, digital loyalty programmes offer low-risk and high rewarding benefits to the customer. The whole concept of digital loyalty programmes is to retain the trust of a brand’s customers. By giving your customers more reason to come back, your providing them with reasons why your brand is worth returning to.


Of course, before a brand has the guts to provide their customers with loyalty offers, they have to establish a decent reputation first. To do that, the brand has to focus on offering quality products and services.


For example, in April 2018, Domino’s Pizza offered their customers with loyalty points as a way to prove themselves they’re adapting to the changing times. The strategy played well for them as customers praised the pizza restaurant for trying something new. As a result, Domino’s loyalty campaign earned them a spot in Forbe’s list of Most Innovative Growth Companies.


If you’re wondering how Domino’s managed to be successful after their campaign, you have to look through the eyes of a customer. Domino’s loyalty campaign focused on providing customers with a user-friendly experience. Their campaign gave their customers reasons to why their loyalty points are worth investing in.


It’s all about convenience. From the eyes of a customer, convenience should be in your list of priorities.


Long-term value

The results of a successful digital loyalty programme aren’t instant, so it’s best to think of the long-term benefits first. Fortunately, it isn’t too hard to come up with the features for a loyalty programme. One thing you should focus on is the priority of retaining your customer’s trust.


As a consumer, one thing you’d probably want to assure yourself is the quality of your product. Picture yourself as a customer of a brand you just discovered recently. Are their products or services worth investing in? This question should point out the quality of the products or services provided.


Before offering a digital loyalty programme, think about the condition of your products or services. Are they good enough to retain the interest of your customers? Because in the end, if you want to establish a successful loyalty program, you have to think about its long-term value first. To do this, give your customers a reason to come back to your business.


Digital landscape

Convenience and user-friendly experience are part of a customer’s top needs. With this said, it’s only justified for brands to establish their presence online on social media. As a platform, social media is already a convenient space for consumers to dive in. It’s a comfortable platform where consumers can explore.


Luckily, digital loyalty programmes aren’t too far away from social media in terms of benefits. Just like social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, digital loyalty programmes should prioritise convenience for consumers. It’s one of the ways a brand can retain a customer’s trust.


Since the digital landscape is like one giant centre for sub-communities, it’s important for your brand to provide user-friendly features. Such is the case for loyalty programmes that can offer rewards with just one purchase. Rewards such as free products, additional items, and discounts are already profitable on their own. Combine these with convenient features for your campaign, and it’s almost guaranteed your programme will be a success.


Digital loyalty programmes are just one of the many ways your business can prosper. The realm of digital marketing is littered with endless possibilities. Think about what’s best for your brand if you want to keep ahead of the game! OOm is a digital agency in Singapore that can give your brand the upper hand. We specialise in SEO and SEM strategies in Singapore to give our clients a wealth of benefits in digital landscapes such as search engines and social media sites. Contact OOm at 6391 0930 and stay updated with the current trends in the digital marketing industry.