Starting from its simple, and laid-back interface, Facebook today is still on its feet, taking broader strides towards more improved processes, along with billions of people logging into it everyday. Facebook has become home to about 1.5 billion users worldwide who would log in to Facebook either to socialise, to become informed, to become entertained – the list is endless. With these big numbers, and powerful platform, it has also become a strategic tool for search engine marketing (SEM) companies.


Though looking closely on the past months, Facebook has done several drastic changes that have made significant impacts on Facebook marketing or how businesses reach their target audiences. Facebook has also faced different scandals that had made other users become hesitant in using the social media platform.


According to Statista, there are around 4 million Facebook users in Singapore in 2019. With this much audience Facebook has, businesses should consider these significant Facebook changes, and search engine marketing (SEO) companies in Singapore should now step up their game. Here are the few changes Facebook now welcomes to their users:


New Algorithm

Facebook welcomed 2019 with a new algorithm that will allow users to have a more optimised, and holistic experience with family, friends, and groups. This new algorithm will be more of a challenge for brands to reach their targeted audience. This new algorithm might mean danger for some businesses that rely on Facebook, and its users to stay alive, there is also a positive side that many have overlooked.


First of all, Facebook did not entirely ban brands, and businesses out of the platform. With the new algorithm, the traffic paved by advertisements directly to the users will only be redirected between the users, and their family, friends, and groups. Brands, and businesses can no longer show up out of nowhere on a user’s timeline just because it was sponsored by Facebook.


But if you are a genuine business, or company that intends to put their brand out there by connecting to its audiences, you probably do not have to worry about the new Facebook algorithm. If you have created a piece of content that has grabbed the attention of people, they will then start sharing your post until it gains a wider reach. If the piece of content that you release to boost your brand is valuable, sparks a good discussion or good feedback or offers true insight on a specific topic, people will automatically respond to it. This is where the content’s quality of a brand’s campaign must be taken more into consideration, than others’ strategy that entails “quantity over quality”.


New Ad Disclosure Policy

This new ad disclosure by Facebook will allow users to become informed why they see, and receive notifications from, certain ads. It will also include a trail of how they got a hold of their information. It will indicate if they are in a customer list, or if their information was sold by a third-party. The agency that uploaded the data will also be shown. This is just one of the revamping steps of Facebook for transparency that will protect its users. These users can then remove these unwanted advertisers, or request their data to be removed from different lists.


Facebook Ads Banned Words

There are some advertisements that Facebook will have disapproved because of banned words, that signifies prohibited campaigns like advertising weapons, marketing schemes, cryptocurrency, body parts, and more. Profanity words, obviously, are also prohibited. If your ad contains profanities, it will be denied by Facebook.


More Authentic Experience

Facebook’s mid-2018 is marked by scandals brought by the exposure about Facebook’s data breach of about 80 million users. Because of this, Facebook has been criticized heavily for its inadequate security measures. In response to this, Facebook has now been practising great degrees of transparency. It has now cracked down inauthentic content, pages, and accounts run by online trolls, and content with purchased likes. This value of transparency is also being practised by Instagram.


New Features

Facebook has also released the Portal where can now make video calls through their Messengers with their mobile devices. They also now have updates that will help business owners, and job seekers to connect. With Learn with Facebook feature, job seekers can also learn important values needed in the digital workplace.


Here are just some of the changes Facebook has welcomed as the new year has started. By the looks of it, they will continue to become bigger, and the Facebook experience more optimised. The changes might become a struggle for some companies, and businesses, but as said, the new algorithm will now allow you to connect more with your target audiences. There are tasks that SEO marketing companies spearhead. If you are a business needing a chance to connect to your target audiences either in the platform of Facebook, or of the digital space in general, it would be highly recommended for you to seek the services of a trusted SEO company in Singapore.

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