Google Ads Pricing In 2021: 3 Factors To Consider

Just like SEO, SEM services in Singapore are as effective when it comes to gaining leads. The only difference between SEO and SEM is that the latter focuses on getting paid traffic to convert clicks into sales. 


With SEM, you can use Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) to drive traffic to your website through paid ads. This method is called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising,  and it lets you display your ads on search results. You need to pay Google Ads each time someone clicks on your ads, but the cost of doing so is worth it since you can quickly improve your web visibility.


However, compared to SEO, investing in SEM packages in Singapore is usually more expensive. Your clicks do not automatically translate into conversions, so you have to create a solid conversion funnel that converts potential customers into paying customers.


The good news is that you can outsource your services to an SEM company that specialises in PPC advertising and Google Ads. Doing so should give you a wide range of tools and resources to help you reach your goals.


But one question remains: how much does Google Ads cost?



Pay Per Click PPC


The cost of investing in Google Ads and SEM services in Singapore differs for everyone since there is no exact price range. To determine the total cost of using Google Ads and outsourcing your SEM services, you must get in touch with an SEM vendor.


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Most SEM companies in Singapore focus on Google Ads when it comes to SEM and PPC advertising. For that reason, we shall figure out how much SEM costs for your business based on Google Adwords.



The nature of your industry can significantly determine how much your Google Ads campaign should cost in the long run. 


For example, businesses in the real estate, legal, and accounting sectors usually lean towards the more expensive side of Google Ads. This effect is due to clients who can provide companies in the said industries with thousands of dollars in a single investment. Because of this, S$70 for each click on your ad is a small price, considering the high rewards you can reap from a single client.


Consumer behaviour changes all the time. What most people want today may not be the same a few years later, so Google Ads considers current trends when determining the cost of your ads.


A perfect example is the increased average click-through rate (CTR) for the beauty and personal care industry during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The average CTR skyrocketed to 9.45% on May 11, 2020, with the average cost per click (CPC) decreasing to S$1.77.



The Google Ads auction works like a real-life auction. Whenever someone types a term or phrase into Google’s search bar, Google will check if advertisers are bidding on keywords included in the web search query. Afterwards, an auction shall trigger if Google considers the sought-after keywords relevant to the search query.


Before you discover the cost of your SEM strategy, Google shall calculate your Ad Rank and Quality Score. Your Ad Rank will depend on the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend. On the other hand, your Quality Score is the rating and relevance of your paid ads and keywords.


Once Google calculates both your Ad Rank and Quality Score, only then will you figure out the CPC of your paid ads.




Google Ads management is a tricky business. While the concept of Google Ads is simple, mastering the art of PPC advertising is much more complicated than it looks. That is why you should consider partnering with an SEM agency in Singapore.


You can outsource your Google Ads management to an SEM agency that specialises in Google Ads. Trusted SEM vendors have enough experience and a wide range of skills in Google Ads, so you can trust them to help your SEM campaign succeed.


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