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One of the strategic means to survive in a competitive industry is to utilise digital marketing strategies. Right now, you need to promote your business online if you want to get ahead of your competitors. Luckily, one of the building blocks of digital marketing strategies is search engine marketing.


At the core of every digital marketing strategy is search engine marketing, also known as SEM. Originally, SEM refers to various digital marketing strategies, including search engine optimisation (SEO). However, over time, the digital marketing industry has used the term SEM to mention paid advertising.


There’s a lot about SEM that you might’ve missed. Worry not, as we’ll guide you through a refresher regarding the different types of SEM services in Singapore.









On the other side of the digital marketing spectrum is PPC advertising. Nowadays, PPC advertising almost represents SEM as a whole, especially in the context of online marketing.


Essentially, PPC advertising allows you to pay for space on the Internet. Every time someone clicks on your link, you’ll have to pay a fee. The results are quicker, and you can even increase brand awareness while you’re at it.


With proper keyword research, you can improve your PPC strategy to increase website traffic. Not to mention, even if Google updates its algorithm, your PPC ads will remain unharmed. For these reasons, many start-up businesses prefer to begin their campaign with PPC advertising since it offers immediate exposure.


When managing a PPC campaign, you need to equip a reliable advertising system. One particular paid advertising platform you could consider is Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords. 


You could use Google Ads in your campaign to target consumers and increase leads. The platform boasts an abundance of features, such as:


  • Promotion extensions
  • Ad variations
  • Gmail remarketing
  • Ad scheduling
  • Ad rotation.



Sometimes, the best way to grow an audience is not to attract new customers but rather to build relationships with existing customers. With a remarketing or retargeting strategy, you can do just that. This strategy is a form of paid advertising that targets previous website visitors or customers.


How Does Retargeting Work


With retargeting, you will use cookies, small pieces of data used by web pages, to target users who have visited your website or viewed your advertisements. Afterwards, you can show relevant ads to the very same users, allowing you to raise brand awareness and strengthen their interest in your brand.


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Retargeting is an excellent strategy for online stores. You can track down customers who have abandoned their shopping cart and encourage them to purchase from your business once more.


In summary, retargeting can benefit your business in many ways:


  • Make a good impression of your business
  • Reach a specific audience
  • Regain your customer’s trust
  • Build loyalty
  • Personalise your ads



Social media is a versatile digital marketing platform. It works perfectly for SEO and SEM services, as you can use social media for organic and paid advertising.


If your social media posts are not reaching enough customers, try boosting your ads instead. You can use networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to invest in social media advertising. Utilise the provided marketing tools to reach your target audience.


By boosting your ads through paid advertising, you can grow your audience more quickly and efficiently. Also, increasing your organic reach on social media is becoming more challenging as time progresses. More and more advertisers are trying to acquire additional ad space. Because of this, it might be a good idea to use paid advertising on social media to gain the upper hand over your competitors.




When managing your SEM campaign, remember to maintain the balance between PPC and SEO strategies. It’s better to mix up a little bit of both to increase your chances of getting a high rank. In the end, SEO is for long-term planning, while PPC helps you get instant results.


With that said, it might be a good idea to get in touch with a search engine marketing company. Your preferred SEM vendor can help you improve your online presence on both organic and paid search results.


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