How To Boost Your Social Media Engagement For Free

With over 4.83 million Singaporeans online, social media has become an indispensable tool for marketing your brand. 


However, getting your content on your social media channels isn’t what will get you the sailes. While you may use to build your audience, what you have to do is to focus on your engagement as well. The time you spend building relationships with your audience can convert them into customers, which in return can result in higher sales, improved customer loyalty, and more positive reviews. 


It’s easier to use this platform to get your content out. But, if you use it as an avenue to engage with your customers, you’re as good as leveraging any platform to increase leads and brand awareness. 


In this article, we will discuss the following further: 


  • What is social media engagement? 
  • How to boost social media engagement? 
  • How to measure social media engagement 



What Is Social Media Engagement 

Social media engagement is geared towards strengthening your customer relationships. Here, your goal is to get your followers to engage with your posts, preferably to send you a message, hence the opportunity to get to know them better and establish a relationship with them. 

However, the benefits of social media engagement don’t easily come by. It takes going above and beyond what your competitors are doing so you can offer one-of-a-kind customer service. But, the good news is that you can do most of them for free! 



How To Boost Social Media Engagement 

Being active on social media—publishing relatable content, responding to customer enquiries, and getting yourself in relevant conversations—are some of the ways you can grow and maintain your social media following. We will be further discussing in detail the ways you can increase your sales through engagement. 


Be Active 

Staying active on social media is the first step to let your audience know your presence and that you’re up to date with the latest trends. Post on a regular basis and at times when your audience is most likely active. Digital marketing agencies in Singapore think posting up to three times is no longer an exaggeration and thus, acceptable. 


Involve Yourself In Relevant Groups 

While creating and publishing content on your feed is essential, you should remember to start conversations outside your realm as well. Joining groups, forums, and other conversations relevant to your brand will help to get your name about and increase your chances of reaching out to a wider audience. 


Engage with the Latest Trends and Topics 


Sharing and involving yourself on trends, topics, and issues relevant to your business is another way to stay active on social media. Giving your two cents in such conversations allows you to demonstrate your authority in your industry, which in return can generate respect and admiration for your brand. 


Share Others’ Content 

Having said that, you should know that you don’t necessarily have to come up with original posts every time. If someone else has better answers to a query, you can direct your customers to that. This strategy will not only keep your content diverse but will also give the impression that more than sales, your goal is to give your customers what they need.  


Don’t Forget User-Generated Content 

On top of that, you should also share posts from your followers and customers, too. These user-generated content can be anything from screenshots of their reviews or their photos serving as proof that they’re using your products. This can lead to them sharing your post, which in return can mean more exposure for you. 



Run Polls, Surveys & Contests 

Polls, surveys, and contests are merely some of the types of content that are engaging and effective in receiving customer feedback quickly. Plus, they’re easy to create too! Facebook and Twitter are two channels that offer poll features and they both are a great way to obtain data that can be useful for your future marketing strategies.



Address Negative Reviews 

One good practice in social media engagement is to be responsive to queries on your page. The same is true—maybe even more essential—for the negative comments about your brand. Managing your reputation, responding positively, and resolving the issues is just as important when it comes to engaging with your audience. 



Personalise Engagement 

On top of all that, you can also make your audience truly engaged by giving direct responses to their content. Mcdonald’s are acing this strategy by directly responding to customer posts and addressing their concerns on Twitter. This is a great way to make every customer feel valued by your business. 





In conclusion, these tips can be summarised into two words: get involved. Be where your audience is and engage in conversations that you can relate to. Finally, don’t forget to measure your efforts. 


Most of the social media platforms today—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—are equipped with tools to measure and track your audience engagement. Some of the metrics you can track include page performance, followers, likes, reach, and page views. 


You can do all the work but you can also get professional help from a social media marketing agency like OOm. 


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