How to Do an Online Holiday Marketing Campaign with Little Time Left

Ahhh, the holidays! It’s here and it’s approaching real fast! This festive season truly fires up the hearts of many, inspiring emotions of sharing and giving. And definitely with this, comes the intent of spending. It certainly is the best move for any business to take advantage of this opportunity of being in the forefront, once the customer begins to scout for the best finds of the season! Haven’t started on any? It’s not too late though. With the little time left, let us show you how to catch up on your holiday marketing!


1. Create a Consistent Holiday Theme Across All Communication Channels

Creating a Christmas-centred theme is an affordable way to promote the holiday spirit and build your brand. You can either hire a graphic designer to create a theme for your brand, or create it by yourself with free graphic designing tools online, then have your website, social media profiles, and email signatures to embody that holiday theme. You can even use it every year for brand consistency all throughout. This will surely be engaging especially on social media profiles, as customers will see a fun change from the usual.


2. Target Significant Emotions

Selling an experience is way better than selling only the product itself. The holidays trigger a lot of emotions such as giving, family togetherness, friendship, love, good will, and gratitude, among others. Incorporate your marketing campaign with experiences that envelop these emotions, and it’s a sure bet that you’ll be doing great in tugging the heartstrings of your customers, leading them to patronise your brand because YOU can relate to them.


3. Make Your Campaign Easily Shareable

A very important element of a campaign is how it can be easily shared. Several studies have proven that customers are influenced more by word of mouth, from the people they know and trust. And so, your campaign must stick to people’s minds for them to be able to spread the word to others around them. Create a catchy jingle, phrase, or a specific offering that can be easily remembered and relayed. Incorporate easy-to-find social media share buttons on your website and posts. While there’s no guarantee that your campaign will go viral, better take a shot in getting your message across with something that can be easily remembered. There’s nothing more successful than having your customers effortlessly work for your brand.


4. Clear Call-to-Actions

Always crucial to any digital marketing campaign, creating a clear “Call to Action” is your quickest way to get your audience to do something. It could be as simple as letting them inquire, learn more, or better yet, purchase—all these require to be strategically placed, easily readable and clickable. When directing them from another site, make sure that they are directed to the exact product that they are looking for. Don’t keep them looking; a general portion of a site might drive them away, instead, bring it right in front of them!


5. Give Free Gifts with Purchase

Everybody loves something free. Especially now during the holidays, people are on the lookout for special deals, discounts, and freebies. This might even unlock the key to their hesitations and finally purchase from you! Special discount codes with consistent themes such as CHRISTMAS20 for a 20% discount, free little goodies for every purchase, or a gift voucher that they can spend in your store could all mean so much to them, and might even evoke them to buy some more! They feel “closer” to the brand that brings them more value and gives them freebies without any strings attached. They are in the spirit of gifting and want to be given too!


6. Gifting Flexibility

Flexibility is very much needed during the holiday ‘gifting’ season, and as much as people want to please their recipients, you should be able to help them out in doing this by giving them options. You could offer to have the gifts that they bought online be sent directly to their recipients, or enable them to get e-gift cards instead of a certain product.  Gift cards under a particular store are actually more personalised; it’s like telling your recipient “I wanted you to have this thing but I want you to customise it according to your taste.” And that creates an edge for you to be the top choice of customers who always want to be sure about their gift choice.


Better amp up your game this season, when people are actively searching to fill in their holiday lists and looking forward to spend more compared to any time of the year! And as with all other marketing campaigns, you should be able to pinpoint exactly who your target market is, leading to creation of more effective, targeted ads, and not just random throws at a general audience. In totality, focusing on experiences, emotions, and a personalised approach hits the spot, and is a sure way to get ahead of the competition.