How To Market Your Gynaecology Clinic In Singapore?

Considering how Singapore has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, the high number of private medical institutions in the country comes as no surprise. Because of this, it might be hard to market your gynaecology clinic in a competition that’s tough as nails.


Compared to hospitals, marketing your clinic might seem a bit more complicated. For instance, women are your target market, as opposed to hospitals that cater to patients of any age and sex. In short, you have to focus on clear-cut details when it comes to marketing private medical institutions such as yours.


The good news is that with search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), you can gain the upper hand over rival clinics. Sure, most digital marketing campaigns are a continuous process that requires patience and careful planning. But at the end of the tunnel is a heap of rewards, if you continue to deliver effective SEM and SEO strategies.



Tips For Marketing Your Gynaecology Clinic

1. Define Your Target Market


Yes, women are your target audience, but perhaps you could learn a few more things about them? Let’s check out the current population of Singapore and dive deeper into how this can affect your target market.


This 2020, there are around 6 million Singaporeans with a life expectancy of 82 years and a sex ratio of men to women being 1.02. Notice how the number of men and women in Singapore are close to each other. That means your marketing tactics can appeal to your target audience more swiftly since there are nearly enough women compared to men.


Statistics: Countrymeters


Moreover, you have to consider the age of your target audience as well. Are you going for young to middle-aged women going through pregnancy, or seniors who want to get checked up? Of course, you could always choose both, but focusing on one over the other might help you reveal which audience is more beneficial for your business.


There’s also the matter of your target market’s location since your OB-GYN clinic will rely on the customer’s proximity. For example, knowing the demographics near your clinic will help you distinguish the number of women (and their age). Doing so should help you come up with variables (e.g. pricing, location, promotions) that are necessary for creating marketing strategies.


2. Research Keywords


To know more about your target market, you should research keywords to find out which ones are optimal for your website. The right keywords for your business will serve as a guide for creating content and building a website. Plus, for your clinic, utilising keywords is essential since your services will focus on local SEO.


Local SEO is the same with SEO, but you’ll optimise your website for local search engine results. You need to utilise keywords that will help users target your clinic based on their location. For instance, listed below are some examples of local keywords:


  • OB-GYN clinic in Singapore
  • Gynaecologist in Singapore
  • Gynaecologist clinic in Singapore


Build a list of keywords that will help your clinic achieve more exposure online. Not to mention, you could even try looking into your competitor’s keywords as well and find out how their strategies could boost your rankings.


3. Create Personalised Content


Combining sufficient keyword research and customer data is a recipe for success. And with that, you can personalise your content for your target audience, mainly women going through pregnancy or menopause.


Put your research to good use and create content based on what you’ve gathered. You can produce personalised messages to appeal to your target audience and write articles to inform them about your expertise. Doing so should help your clinic attract more patients and relate with more people too. After all, heartfelt advertisements are always an effective marketing strategy, not just for OB-GYN clinics.


4. Distribute Your Content


Without any form of distribution, creating quality content isn’t enough to attract potential customers. Make sure your content is reaching the right audience by distributing your efforts on a wide-scale level. Fortunately, there’s a lot of options to choose from, such as social media, websites, mobile apps, and many more.


For your gynaecology clinic, you could deliver content on social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Social media marketing is an effective strategy for most campaigns in any industry. Choose networking sites like Facebook, where you can communicate with your prospects and patients. Plus, you can publish articles and blog posts on Facebook as well. But try considering other platforms too, including:


  • WeChat
  • WhatsApp
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram




Consistent updates and content marketing are key to building a brand image and establishing credibility for your OB-GYN clinic. Remember to focus on local SEO as well, since your business will mostly target customers based on their proximity.


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