Your business isn’t the only one trying to capture the best fishes (aka customers) in the sea. If that’s the case, how can your online seafood business stand out compared to your competitors? The answer is digital marketing.


With digital marketing strategies like search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, you’ll have better chances of reaching your target audience and expanding your online presence. 


The goal is to establish credibility and build a reputation that consumers can trust. But since you’re not the only one with the same objective, you need to get your message across several mediums. That means you should utilise networking sites, emails, websites, and print media as your grounds for marketing.


Fortunately, online food delivery services are in demand these days. All you need is a mobile phone with a food delivery app to order and wait until your food arrives at your doorstep. Not surprisingly, it’s becoming more of a trend nowadays since most consumers crave for convenience, not just food!



Online Food Delivery Trends In Singapore

To market your seafood business, knowing the current trends in Singapore is crucial. Doing so should give you more insight into your target audience. 


Since Singapore is one of the fastest evolving countries worldwide in terms of culture and technology, expect to make a few adjustments with your marketing strategies along the way. So let’s take a look at some of the food delivery trends in Singapore.


1. One Click Away


Many Singaporeans centre their lives around the benefit of convenience, and it’s not surprising. A lot of us prefer to order take-out or cook at home since we spend too much time at work. 


In general, ordering food online has made our lives more comfortable, and it’s only going to continue in doing so as technology evolves. But what does this mean for your business?


We know that most consumers rely on smooth and flawless transactions when it comes to online deliveries. You should prove that your business can give them what they want. 


You could market your business on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Then, create content that will showcase your brand. Try posting details about your delivery services and show how convenient it is to order from your website. For instance, you could include these following examples as part of your brand’s exclusive services:


  • No hidden fees
  • Different payment options
  • Fresh and organic seafood
  • Discounts and promos


2. Organic Products


People are health-conscious by nature. If you’re going to buy seafood off the Internet, you might as well go for something fresh and 100% organic, anyway.


However, serving organic products is not the only winning factor here. Customers want transparency and information before they make a purchase, so give them what they want. For your seafood business, make sure that your customers are aware that you’re serving fresh seafood only. 


Describe every product in your shopping website with clear-cut details, including nutritional information, safety accreditations, and health precautions if necessary.


3. Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is key to reaching your target audience. After all, you’re running an online business, which means you have to deliver your marketing strategies online as well. 


The Internet has made it easier for both consumers and brands to communicate with one another, and it’s what you should do too. Incorporate search engine marketing (SEM) tactics that will allow you to send your message to a broader audience online.



Marketing Tips For Online Seafood Delivery Services

1. Local SEO

One of the best ways to reach your target audience is to focus on customers based on proximity. Doing so is called local SEO, a marketing strategy that’s similar to organic SEO.


You can optimise your web presence for local SEO by being active on social media. For instance, you can use Facebook as a marketing platform to discover your local customers. That way, you can gather more information about your target market. 


Another marketing tool is Google My Business (GMB), something that you could use for managing your online presence across Google. You can manage a profile that local customers can observe anytime. In doing so, you can generate more leads and improve your local SEO along the way.


2.  Social Media Marketing

An active social media presence is essential for establishing connections with customers. Launch a social media marketing campaign that will help you maintain a stable relationship with your target audience.


Create quality content that will keep your customers updated regarding your business. You can even write articles about the seafood industry to establish credibility. Post them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to improve your reputation.


3. Web Design And Development

Create an accessible and appealing website that customers will find convenient to use. Your website will set the tone of your brand image. Make sure it’s easy to navigate so users won’t have a hard time finding the products they need.


Organise your products to give your website a neat appearance. Consider choosing the right colour scheme and layout that will represent your business as a whole. The right colours can make a good great impression of your business for new customers.




Prepare Your Marketing Campaign

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