Link-Building in the Google Penguin Era. Are u doing it right?

As Google has started rolling out their penguin update, some may find that they site could have been badly hit by it. Are you one of them?



There is no need to panic! Keep calm, and take a closer look into the links pointing away and towards your site. If you have links on paid directories/sites with many other spammy and not closely related links, remove them at once! The latest Google update is meant to punish those who commit such hideous crimes!


So how do build quality links that would help you survive the penguin era? Here are some tips on how to build strong and effective links that works!


Getting listed on Niche directories

As Google wants site owners to be relevant in their linkages, so as to increase users’ search experience, so that they are able to obtain more relevant results for their searches. List yourself on directories relevant to your business, such as those niche directories that caters specifically to certain industries. For example, if you run a medical aesthetics business, listing yourself on medical directories would not only help you with your link-building, it also “legitimize” your business, so people browsing such directories, would feel that these businesses are legally registered businesses that they can trust.


Link Exchanges

The key to link building is relevancy. It would definitely help if you would be able to form partnership with businesses relevant your industry, and exchange links with them. However, this probably only works for companies which offers product and/or services which complement each other, and not in direct competition with each other.


So, if you are a hotel site, you would allow airline or tour companies to have advertisement and ads on your site to complement your business. At the same time, you could get them to list you on their sites as well.


Submitting articles


Try setting up a blog, and start writing articles! Produce quality content that could engage your customers and/or industry partners. After which, you could submit your articles to be listed on article directories or article sharing sites such as Reddit. By doing this, you would be improving your site’s traffic, as you are channeling visitors to your site.


Share on social media


Next, you could share promotions and/or articles you publish on your social media page. You fans will help you spread the word by sharing it within their own social circle. People would click on the links to find out more if they are interested. However, if you are thinking of using this approach, you would need to first focus on building up your social profile, and gathering your fan base.