To say social media is a strong medium for communication and marketing is an understatement. It has already broken the boundaries of reaching out to consumers. As a platform, social media is definitely more than capable of providing opportunities.


However, a wise man once said, “with great power comes great responsibility”. Like a budding flower in the middle of spring, utilising social media takes time and progress. Without proper training and knowledge, using social media as a platform will be difficult. No matter how much potential you have in store, it’s crucial to learn how to utilise your strategies to prevent mistakes.


As a platform, social media is prone to many mistakes. Prevent this by knowing more about the aspects of digital marketing regarding social media.





Poor planning

You don’t dive straight into a game without knowing the rules first. This case is true for social media marketing. If you have a business waiting to be marketed on social media, you don’t instantly jump in and post content from various networking sites. You have to envision a set of goals and objectives.


Who’s your target audience? How much time can you invest in? Questions like these should be answered before you market your brand. Also, build a team of capable social media managers who can help market your accounts.


Target audience

As previously mentioned, knowing your target audience is essential. This is where you should put a lot of research into. Try to understand your customer’s wants, needs, and basically anything that enables them to buy your products or services. Invest in your target market research. Target the audience that’s fit for your brand.


Lack of communication with your customer

With so many people engaging in online activities, it’s no wonder why messenger applications are popular nowadays. Social media gives people the chance to engage with one another in a convenient manner. This applies to social media brands where communication is the key to a successful business strategy.


When customers contact you on social media for enquiries, it’s vital to respond to their messages in as humanly as possible. Customers will intimate and closer to your brand if you communicate with them like a human being. This also diminishes the image of being too “corporate”.


Adding a little human touch to your brand makes your customers feel more comfortable. It’s an easy way to improve your brand image.



Boring content


Your social media content is like a flower. Leave it alone for a long time and it’ll die quickly. Treat your content and pour some heart into it by being consistent. Posting dull content on your social media accounts can cause you to lose a lot of followers in the process.


You have to be consistent in providing quality content that appeals to your customers. Failing to engage with your customers on a regular basis can be detrimental to your social media marketing. The best strategy for this is to plan ahead and come up with content in advance. This way, everything is prepared and you can still create content along the way.


Sticking to one site


Social media isn’t exclusive to one platform. In fact, there are other networking sites you can invest in. Besides Facebook, there’s Twitter. It’s a networking site that’s perfect for posting updates and links because of its active community.

There’s also Instagram, a medium that’s ideal for publishing creative art and ads that can represent your brand’s image.


Don’t stick to one networking site. Involve your brand in multiple sites at once and participate in budding communities. You’ll be able to reach a wider audience this way and in return, gain valuable information for your target market research.


Too much promotion


The goal of using social media is to promote your brand online. However, there’s such a thing as promoting too much. How? This is basically the equivalent of being “narcissistic”. It’s like your brand is thinking too much of itself.


It’s not that you’re limited to posting content about your brand. It’s how you advertise your brand that speaks levels of volumes to your customers online. Create compelling content that allows your brand to engage with your customers on a personal or human level. Don’t let your brand be too much of a robot and manage it like how a human would interact instead. Learn to engage with your customers.


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