Apr 23 2018

Look Who’s Talking: Rose Eclavea

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Today, we bring into the spotlight someone from OOm’s Philippine team! She’s the hard-working yet fun manager of OOm Philippine’s Development & Creative team and the one who oversees some of the big projects of OOm Philippines. Let’s welcome: Rose Eclavea! *makes clapping sounds*

OOm DC Manager: Rose Eclavea

  • Describe your role at OOm.

My role includes planning and overseeing the projects of the development & creative team to ensure all projects are met before the expected timeline and with quality. I work closely with the upper management to make sure the project scope are met. Also, I set the development process and workflow standards for the team. 

  • What’s your favourite past time, especially during your office breaks?

Watching volleyball games, even though I do not play volleyball myself. 😀

  • Which fictional character do you think closely resemble you? Why?

I can’t think of one right now, but I would love to be Wonder Woman because I find her powers amazing. 😀

  • What hidden characteristic do you have that not many people know about?

I go to the supermarket and look for cooking ingredients/spices that I’m not familiar with.


  • How do you keep your team happy and productive?

I do my best to appreciate my team for the work that they do and by being transparent with them when it comes to the projects.

  • What’s the most memorable account you handled? Tell us a little bit about it.

Those clients that are very difficult to handle — like people who are not tech savvy. It’s a good challenge for me as it helps me develop my skills for better management of the projects. I feel fulfilled whenever I’m able to educate clients who are not familiar with web standards.

  • How do you keep clients satisfied with the services of OOm?

I ensure that we deliver the project on time and with quality that exceeds the client’s expectation.

  • In your many years as a Manager for the DC team, what’s your biggest achievement?

    OOm’s DC Team (From Left to Right: Pao, Micah, Rose, TJ, Renz)

Mentoring my team to improve their skills as developers and designers. It feels good and fulfilling whenever I see them progress in their field.

  • What do you love about OOm?  

The people in the company as everyone knows how to give respect to each other.

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