Marketing Elderly Care Services In Singapore

There’s no shortage of love for our seniors here in Singapore. After all, they’re responsible for paving the way that led to Singapore as we know today.


Out of love and gratitude, we do our best to take care of the elderly in many ways, such as bringing them to daycare centres or hiring caretakers. Fortunately, many agencies in Singapore offer legitimate elderly care services for those in need. The only question is: Which business you should trust.


From a business standpoint, the goal is to manage an effective marketing campaign aimed at elders and family-oriented audiences. How can you reach out to them anyway?



How To Market Elderly Care Services?


First on the agenda is to research your target market. Sure, we already know the target audience consists of seniors, but you can take it a step further by identifying their needs, wants, and characteristics.


1. Difficulties With Using Technology

It’s not surprising that many of our grandparents have trouble using the latest gadgets, such as mobile phones, tablets, and smart televisions. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to use them at all.

Gone are the days where our grandparents would hold a phone in their hands while asking us for help. Well, maybe they still do but most of them are just as skilled as the younger generation when it comes to using social media! In fact, around 80% of senior citizens in Singapore have smartphones and know how to use them. 


Another note to keep in mind is the reason why our elderly loved ones use technology. Most of the time, they engage with social media just to connect with their friends and family members. Consider this fact when you’re organising your marketing campaign.


2. Health-Related Barriers

Another obvious aspect to consider is the health-related barriers most seniors possess. While not all senior citizens are incapable of engaging in a lot of strenuous activities, most of them are vulnerable to illnesses and physical harm.


Unfortunately, as of 2019, many senior Singaporeans over 60 years old find it difficult to go through their everyday activities due to chronic illnesses. These health conditions include high blood pressure, joint pain, arthritis, and diabetes among many others.


3. Cultural Differences

What’s cool may not be the same for elderly Singaporeans, no thanks to cultural differences. 

When marketing to senior citizens, keep in mind that the culture they grew up in vastly different compared to society today. While that doesn’t mean they won’t relate to modern culture, you’ll have a better chance of engaging with senior citizens if you understand their cultural upbringings.


Travel back in time to periods as early as the 1940s or 1950s to get a glimpse of what it’s like to live during the old days in Singapore.


For instance, during the 1950s, there were privately-owned zoos with entrance fees as cheap as 50 cents! Heck, you could even visit the circus that will charge you $1. 


With these pieces of history in mind, perhaps you could bring your target audience (seniors) down to memory lane? Nostalgia is a game-changer when it comes to marketing, so take advantage and attract the elderly audience by publishing content that they’ll find relatable and sentimental.



Next Step: Applying Gathered Data

Let’s review what we’ve learned about seniors, not just in Singapore, but worldwide. In summary, senior citizens nowadays are:


  • More active in using technology
  • Prone to health issues
  • Aware of cultural differences


It seems that more senior citizens are becoming active online. And despite the health-related issues that seem to increase, that makes it all the more reason for seniors to take care of themselves with the help of a professional caretaker or elderly care devices.


Furthermore, you could utilise nostalgia as a mechanic for marketing your brand. Create content that seniors can relate to and they’ll have an easier time remembering your ad.



In short, what are some marketing strategies that you can try out?


  • Publish daily/weekly content – Regardless of your social media platform, you’ll get a better chance of reaching older audiences online by publishing consistent content.
  • Post videos – Seniors enjoy watching short but sweet videos! Not to mention, it’s easier than reading.
  • Make it personal – The older generation are more likely to relate with personalised content. Tailor your content and keep in touch with older audiences


Overall, it’s not that hard to market your services to seniors once you understand their behaviour. Since most of them are active on social media, you can connect most seniors online, especially on apps like WhatsApp or Facebook.





With what we’ve gathered, we can conclude that it’s possible to market your elderly care services through digital marketing. Nowadays, you can expect seniors to be more of an easy target audience. How so?


Consider these few factors regarding seniors and marketing:


  • Senior citizens are loyal as long as they’re well-informed and educated about the presented brand.
  • Many seniors enjoy watching online videos on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Personalised content is key to targeting seniors since they value personal engagement.


Moreover, when it comes to creating content, you can use Facebook as a platform for posting and publishing videos or blogs. Remember to target family members with elderly loved ones as well. Keep in touch with them on social media by publishing weekly content about your business and how you can help their seniors.


Marketing to an older generation isn’t as hard as you’d think. Thanks to technological strides in the digital marketing industry, we’re able to reach out to thousands of people of all ages.


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