Paid SEO Tools: Who Should Pay For The Subscription?

In this digital age, boosting your brand online offers the utmost benefit especially for small to medium-sized businesses. You should also consider how great the audiences on the Internet is. Most people rely on the Internet for a wide range of processes that it has already become a utility rather than a luxury. With the Internet, we connect with people, do purchases, gather information, and a whole lot more.


Given how this important this is, boosting your brand on this massive space is one of the best strategies. What’s more, it also offers a cheaper budget than posting advertisements the traditional way like through TV, print or radio. To help businesses make it big online, they seek the services of different digital marketing companies, like OOm.


However, not everything comes for free. Sure, search engine Optimization or SEO is free compared to SEM which basically is about doing paid advertisements, but there are still tools that you have to purchase from different companies that would help you do a better job in maintaining your SEO campaigns. These digital tools need to be purchased for more efficient and improved Optimization.


Now, we reach the question on who should really pay for SEO tools. Should the client cover it as an add-on to the services they avail? Or should the SEO company already have purchased it to make their processes better? Today, we weigh in the options of who should really be paying for the SEO tools subscriptions.



What Are The SEO Tools That You Need To Purchase?


Before we weigh in on who buys SEO tools, we must first figure out first the right SEO tools that had to be purchased. This allows us to see the purposes of the needed SEO tools that can give us an idea on who should really pay for the said subscription.


1. SEO Keyword Tools Like Ahrefs

SEO thrives on keywords which allow their pages to be recognised by search engines. Because of these keywords, they can be searchable by their respective users and make their brand known. Effective SEO keyword tools which are often paid will give you a better report of the right keywords to use.


2. Marketing SEO Tools Like SEMRush

With SEO, it is utmost crucial that you know the data of how your SEO campaigns fare. You must know your ratings and how it changes. You must also be updated with the new ranking opportunities. These and all other data that SEO marketing tools provide allow marketers to assess their campaigns.


3. Keyword Tracking Tools Like Ubersuggest

This, in turn, allows you to see the intent of your consumers behind every keyword search. Knowing the intent of your target consumers will help you design your future campaigns according to what your consumers will love.



Who Should Pay For SEO Tool Subscriptions?


If you are an SEO company that prides an efficient way of boosting the campaigns of your clients, you must be utmost responsible for keeping your brand integrity and making it work. If you can do this without ever needing the help of the said SEO tools, then you do not need to pay for it. You can charge your clients for its use though, with additional fees different to your standard pricing. This is like having their subscription to your company upgraded.


However, it cannot be denied that all these tools are needed for efficient production so digital marketing companies will exhaust all means to make their company more favoured. With the many companies that are competing and with the competition being that tough, they will surely avail these subscriptions and just have the expenses projected at their pricing based on what the market dictates. You can still launch campaigns without having availed SEO tools, besides, Google offers free search consoles. However, there surely will be a lot of conveniences and a more improved process upon having these SEO tools.


To cut the story short, definitely, digital marketing companies should pay for SEO tool subscriptions because this will make their processes more effective and this will allow them to provide what their clients have been paying for.


Now, this is where the role of your clients come in. Because they are satisfied with your services, they will definitely pay for the prices that you are offering. From here, you can maintain the subscription of your SEO tools. In a way, the clients also take part in paying for your SEO tools.


Aside from the improvement that SEO tools may offer, the skills and great strategies that SEO marketers have will still be a deciding factor in choosing the right digital marketing company to trust. If you are in Singapore looking for a partner that will help you boost your online presence, you can inquire here at OOm!