The Circuit Breaker in Singapore is now officially over, and the country is starting to take measures to make sure people are safe from COVID-19. However, while Singapore is slowly picking up the pace after two months of urging citizens to stay at home, what does this mean for businesses?


COVID-19 still poses a threat to humanity, which means most of the world is adapting to the many changes brought by the pandemic. The economy is striving to stand firm against the virus, and that includes the marketing industry in Singapore.


Due to COVID-19, the marketing landscape has changed forever. Social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM)—these are strategies that will never stay the same after the Circuit Breaker has taken place. The only question is, are these changes for the better or worse?


In some ways, the Circuit Breaker measures have shed some light on the marketing landscape, including empathy-based marketing and SEO.


For instance, nowadays, people are more aware of the difference between soft selling and hard selling. It is easy to spot an advertisement that lacks empathy and consideration. As such, companies should incorporate more empathetic content in their ads.

With the said example, it is clear that the marketing industry continues to adapt to current events. How has marketing changed anyway?


Here is how the marketing landscape has changed in a post-Circuit Breaker society.



1. Empathetic Content is Still a Priority

If there is one thing COVID-19 has proven to consumers and businesses worldwide, it is that empathy is an essential aspect you must consider when creating content for ads. Many companies have failed to connect with people due to the lack of understanding in their ads.


Empathetic content marketing is a necessary step to earning the consumer’s trust. Because of the many lives broken and lost due to COVID-19, companies should learn how to empathise with others. That means it is crucial to know what you should and should not include in your content.


Knowing what your customers care about is key to incorporating empathy in your content. Since everyone cares about their lives and safety, it is essential not to take advantage of the current situation. Instead, try to help your customers by providing them with valuable information related to COVID-19. Doing so not only helps your customers but your SEO rankings as well.


For example, Coca Cola is posting fewer ads about their products. Instead, they are sharing updates and content related to COVID-19 to inform consumers about the latest news.


In short, empathic content marketing is all about helping your customers, not promoting your business. Your hard work will pay off in the end, as long as you continue to engage with your customers by providing them with helpful information.


2. Adapt to the New Normal

We think that life is going back to normal soon. The truth is—it won’t, not yet, at least. It is going to take some time before things return to normal, and all we can do is to adapt to a post-Circuit Breaker society.


Right now, we are experiencing “the new normal” way of living, and that means marketers should create new goals and improve their marketing strategies. Nothing is going to be the same for a while, and you must adapt while the marketing landscape is still creating new trends.


Accuracy and transparency is an essential factor to consider in these struggling times. When it comes to providing information to your audience, make sure you are accurate and precise with the details. Due to the sensitive nature of COVID-19 and any related information, providing your customers with correct data is crucial.


3. Engage with Your Customers on a Personal Level

Connecting with your customers is an excellent way to know more about your audience in a post-Circuit Breaker society. Today, people need to be sympathetic and consider the livelihoods of others, and that includes your business. You must engage with your customers on a personal level by helping them selflessly.


You can offer free rewards or loyalty programs to show your customers that you are willing to help them in more ways than one. Try giving free trials or subscriptions to show a glimpse of your products or services.


In general, think of what you can give to your customers for free. Interact with them by initiation conversations through emails or messages. Once you gain their trust, you can offer them rewards. It is a social media marketing strategy that you can trust, as long as you remain transparent and honest about your goals.


Take note of these changes in the marketing landscape if you wish to establish your credibility in a post-Circuit Breaker society. Besides SEO and content marketing, there are many other ways digital marketing will help your business nowadays.


Consider working with a digital marketing agency to know the ins and outs of SEO, SEM, and many more!


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