Marketing During COVID-19: Trends To Consider

The past few months have been a life-changing experience for people around the world. COVID-19 is still an alarming concern, especially for the global economy that’s struggling to stay afloat. Business owners and marketers alike are still trying to adapt to the changing trends, despite Singapore slowly returning to normal with a few preventive measures to keep everyone safe.


Even though some countries are winning the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, the economic changes will continue to affect businesses and consumers. For that reason, companies must adapt to the latest trends to grow and flourish during these struggling times.


Take note of the latest marketing trends that will help you come up with more efficient digital marketing strategies. Check out some of the latest and continuing trends while COVID-19 still serves as a threat worldwide.



Covid-19 Marketing Trends


1. Empathetic Marketing Is Key To Success

2020 is a year that everyone will remember for decades. The Australian bushfires, Hong Kong protests, Black Lives Matter movement, COVID-19—we’re only halfway through 2020, yet it already feels like a decade has passed. 


Nonetheless, if there’s one thing that these global issues have taught us, it’s that compassion and consideration will bring us together. 


People are losing their jobs and some businesses are closing down due to the crumbling economy. For that reason, we should help one another by empathising with other people’s experiences and struggles. To do so, you could provide strategies related to your line of work that could help your customers in various ways.


One good example is practising empathetic-based content marketing. You could create content based on current issues—like COVID-19, for instance—to let your customers know that your brand is one the same side. 


Consider writing articles about do-it-yourself projects that your customers could try out or post informative videos about issues related to your sector. You could also offer free subscriptions to your services if you’re managing an e-commerce website. 


In any case, your marketing strategy will depend on your target market and your type of services. Discover the perfect empathy-based approach to your marketing campaign by understanding your customers and aligning your goals with their interests.


2. Interactive Content Works Best

There are four types of learners: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading/writing learners. Each type has its unique benefits, but we can all agree that the kinesthetic way of learning is the most enjoyable!


When it comes to learning, a hands-on approach works best. You could incorporate the same technique into your marketing campaign by creating interactive content. 


These days, the interactive approach works best for educational content. It helps engage with audiences who want a more hands-on experience. After all, with so many people active on the Internet nowadays, not everyone has all the time to read numerous articles in one sitting.


For example, you could post quizzes, polls, or surveys to engage with your customers. Doing so will encourage them to participate in your activities. Not to mention, pointing and clicking is much more fun than scrolling through an entire article.


You could also try posting infographics with interactive animations. Like a pop-up book, your customers can view your post and select an object for specific details to appear. If videos are more of your speciality, then try posting 360-degree videos that will get viewers more immersed in the experience.


3. Organic SEO Is More Relevant Than Ever

With the consumers’ interest shifting towards online shopping, more companies and small businesses are focusing on building organic search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings as a long-term strategy.


There’s an increase in organic search visibility, especially with queries related to health and current news. On the downside, some websites are suffering from a decrease in SEO rankings. To avoid this, optimise your site for SEO so you can increase your online rankings in the long run.


The trick to enhancing your site for SEO is to incorporate efficient content marketing strategies so you can reach the right audience and improve your online presence. Also, remember to establish your credibility by creating content with references from reliable sources. Google pays attention to websites that provide substantial and credible information, so keep that in mind when optimizing your site.


However, it’s worth noting that websites with high SEO rankings are often the result of posting consistent quality content. Adapting to current issues is also a great way to improve relevance and increase SEO rankings.


For example, due to COVID-19, a lot of gyms are closed until further notice. Fortunately, fitness establishments can post articles and videos on their websites with tips related to exercising and staying healthy. That way, their businesses will remain relevant despite the pandemic.




COVID-19 is still a worldwide threat, which is why businesses must adapt to the latest trends and thrive in a fluctuating economy. Consider investing in other marketing strategies, such as social media marketing and SEM, so you can get the best results out of your campaigns.


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