Search Engine Optimization The Right Way: The Best Christmas Gift Ever


All year long, you may have been seeing, hearing or reading recommendations telling you to add in more things on your website to “improve” it’s overall performance online. If you have indeed been hearing about these repetitive recommendations to add in content, fixing user experience, adding in call to actions and all that online jazz, it only means that you haven’t been good in listening and applying these small but never the less, quite important aspects to your website. This then, when not done could of course one day snow ball into something much more worse.


I personally treat everything like how car builders (or builders in general) treat their work. It is a known rule in cars for example, that it will take an out of place small shard of metal to ruin an engine block, crank shaft or rods and it may take only one missing bolt to keep your car from being drivable. There are things in this world where, one small part goes away, and it’ll all just come tumbling down. If one atom in your body disappears, you will cease to exist.


Through the years I’ve learned, that in SEO, it all works very similarly. Websites are made of certain things that make them run and work. Campaigns are made up of certain things that make them run and work. And, much like cars, if you cut costs and cheat your way onto your build, sooner or later, you’ll probably wrap your car around a tree.


Let’s have a simple example.


Say you’ve been told to add in content. You’ve seen people online do it, then you see quick and easy ways on how to produce content that’s taken from other people’s content. You then see websites and tools online that spin content. Let’s say you do use it. Oh and, don’t forget to just appallingly repeat your keywords on every content. Just spam it right? It worked before. Now you have populated your pages with content. Vast amounts of content . Thank goodness for content spinning tools, yes?


Honestly, all you have to do is go through this the right way. It is THE ONLY way. Be honest in building your site. Place in content the your target audience will want to read.


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Your audience is smart so take care of them. The return won’t always instantly come, but for sure, it’ll all be worth it. Like cars, if you take care of it, you’ll be rewarded by good quality performance.


Content won’t only serve great information to the people you are targeting, but it will also be an opportunity to reach out and educate them. There are a lot of good sources online today to learn about these things:


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There is also another situation where you might want to just go link-crazy and build links aimlessly just as long as they’re do-follow ones. Do-follow links are good and will surely give you link juice back to your site. However, too much of one thing is still a bad thing. Linking should be balanced and be properly done. Having the right number of do-follow and no-follow links, would be better most especially these days. Not to mention linking on the right sites. Blog commenting is already an old trick. You can still do it, but make sure you’re not using it to build links. Times have changed and commenting today is now mainly used to interact. This is, of course is a very good thing. If you could reach out to your audience, they will remember you and they will link to you instead. Maybe even share your content. Everything has been shifting towards giving the user the best quality information and experience possible.


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Remember not to attract wild animals by linking badly.

Speaking of sharing, there are a lot of techniques that we could pick up from everywhere. You don’t just spam Facebook walls with your links, these sharing sites are made only for sharing not linking. Doing this won’t have direct effects on ranking, none at all, but it will surely deliver your content directly to them since people usually spend a lot of their time these days on social media.


As previously said, getting ideas for techniques and strategies can be found everywhere. Most especially on movies:
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In the end, if you’ve been naughty, and you’ve wasted your time, cutting corners with cheap ways to fix your site, expect to find coal on your Christmas socks. However, making sure that you’ve followed the right things all this time, will give you well deserved rewards in the end.  like business leads because of traffic that returns and love your site, more conversions and more sales of products.

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