Twitter Marketing: Is It Still Effective?

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn—these are all excellent social media marketing platforms, but what about Twitter? Is Twitter still an effective platform for marketing?


Of course, Twitter marketing is still efficient in this day and age! Even though TikTok is the leading social media app this 2020, you can promote your ads and create content on Twitter to reach a broad audience. With Twitter as your digital marketing platform, you can create a wide range of content that can help your business expand its online presence.


The better question is, how should you promote your business on Twitter? Sticking with one social media platform is okay, but if you want to increase your chances of success, try including other networking sites like Twitter.


Twitter is one of the best social media marketing platforms for customer engagement. The ability to post Tweets in succession makes it easy for both businesses and consumers to communicate with one another. Not to mention, several other users can chime in a conversation to set up a quality discussion.


In short, Twitter marketing can do wonders for your business, but only if you understand how it works. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Let’s learn more about Twitter and see how it can benefit your business.



Understanding Twitter For Marketing


The purpose of marketing on Twitter is to engage with an active audience. Fortunately, Twitter is the perfect place for expressing your opinions and instigating discussions with one another. You can post a Tweet after Tweet until someone else responds to your post so you can join in a live conversation.


To understand how you can use Twitter for digital marketing, you need to define your goals first. Since Twitter only allows you to Tweet 140 characters, you cannot post content the same way you do on Facebook or Instagram. Not to mention, you should create engaging content to encourage users to reply to your Tweets and share them for increased engagement.


For such reasons, defining your goals is vital in understanding how Twitter works for marketing. You need to come up with objectives that align with Twitter’s marketing features. Doing so will help you create quality content on Twitter and reach the right audience.


Twitter may be a bit challenging to use at first, but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough! Here are some tips that should help you plan better Twitter marketing strategies.



4 Tips For Marketing On Twitter


1. Tweet At The Right Time

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, you need to be extra careful in scheduling your Tweets. The purpose of using Twitter is to stay updated with the latest trends. By knowing when your followers are most active, you can Tweet at the right time to increase your number of engagements with users.


However, that doesn’t mean you should Tweet every hour. Your followers might get annoyed when they see your Tweets bombarding their feeds. Instead, you should limit your Tweets to a few hours in between. Also, remember to Tweet during peak hours when most of your followers are active. That way, your followers can see your Tweets, and even engage with them if you Tweet valuable information.


2. Optimise Your Twitter Page

Customise your profile to make it more appealing to your followers. Similar to Instagram, a colourful Twitter page can do wonders for your business and help you attract a loyal customer base. That means you should use an attractive profile and header photos, and post a few graphics from time to time.


Also, remember to use the right size for your visuals on Twitter. Doing so is essential for other networking sites as well because it retains the high-quality resolution of your images.


For reference, the recommended size for your profile picture is 400x400px, while your header picture is 1080x360px. As for your feed pictures, the size should be 510x290px.


3. Respond To Your Followers

Many companies hire social media managers to handle their Twitter page. Not surprisingly, doing so is an excellent idea since it lets them engage with followers more frequently. After all, Twitter is more active compared to other networking sites, meaning you should be responsive to your followers.


Engage with your followers who are replying to your Tweets. Do the same for followers sending you direct messages.


4. Use Hashtags

Twitter is famous for many reasons, but hashtags take the top spot. The good news is that hashtags serve as keywords for your search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign. Consider using relevant hashtags in your Tweets so you can get exposure and raise awareness for your content.




Twitter is perfect for both SEO and content marketing! Consider using Twitter so you can gain leads and reach the right audience on social media. For expert help, try getting in touch with a digital marketing agency that could help you reach your goals.


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