Web Performance Optimisation (WPO): A Key Factor In SEO

Page speed is an essential component of SEO services for websites in Singapore. You can significantly boost your SEO rankings just by speeding up your site’s loading times. Of course, many other factors still play a vital role, but page speed is something you must particularly consider.


However,  certain elements, such as plugins, cache, and bad hosting, could negatively impact your page speed and make your website load much slower. The worst part is that your SEO rankings could be affected, too.


Fortunately, there is one factor in SEO that can help you improve your page speed.


Web performance optimisation, also known as WPO, is one of the crucial factors in SEO that could make or break your site’s rankings. Not only will it improve your online presence, but WPO can also help you convert leads and boost sales.





SEO Rankings WPO


WPO is all about enhancing the user experience (UX). It covers a wide range of methods that eliminate technical errors affecting a site’s performance. By getting rid of these said technical issues, you can significantly improve your site’s loading times and performance.


But why should you focus on optimising your web performance? What makes WPO such an integral part of SEO, anyway?


Think of it this way: people hate waiting in long queues when buying products at a physical store. The same logic applies to your website. Nobody likes waiting seconds just for a web page to load entirely. In reality, it only takes three seconds for a web page to load before most abandon it.


This example is what makes WPO a crucial factor in SEO services. With WPO, you can provide your visitors with a better website experience and faster loading times. Your website visitors can entirely avoid the frustrating experience of slow page speed.


That’s not all. WPO can do more than merely improve your page speed. Here are some of the benefits of WPO.



Ever since Google updated its algorithms to prioritise loading times, page speed has become both a direct and indirect ranking factor. Because of this game-changing update, it is even more important to prioritise page speed above all other ranking factors.


The good news is that WPO can help you improve your SEO rankings. The goal of WPO is to optimise your web performance and resolve any technical issues. Doing so affects your page speed, thus boosting your rankings as well.


Google uses search engine crawlers or booths that crawl through websites to analyse their performance and quality. If search engine crawlers detect that your website loads quickly, it will most likely give you a high rating. As a result, your SEO rankings would significantly increase.



Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors leaving your website after only viewing one page. If your bounce rate has increased as of late, perhaps now might be the time to implement proper WPO techniques, such as file compression, image optimisation, and web caching. In doing all of these things, you could increase the amount of dwell time on your website.


Dwell time is the amount of time a visitor spends on your website. While it may not be a direct ranking factor, increased dwell time serves as a sign that most visitors on your website value your content. Longer dwell time means more people probably find your content valuable, so optimise your web performance to speed up your website and reduce your bounce rate.



WPO is not just for boosting your rankings. Combine an effective WPO technique with excellent content marketing in Singapore, and you can increase your chances of converting website visitors into customers.


Optimising your web performance should encourage visitors to stay longer on your website. On top of that, you could enhance your chances of conversion even further by providing visitors with valuable content in the form of blog posts, infographics, and videos.




Conclusion SEO Boost WPO

The purpose of WPO is to optimise your website and encourage visitors to explore other web pages. By creating high-quality content and resolving technical problems affecting your website, you can ultimately increase your SEO rankings.


Some effective WPO strategies include:


  • 301 redirects
  • Cloud-based monitoring
  • Database optimisation
  • SSL certificates


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