What Makes Instagram Reels Good For Social Media Marketing?

Instagram is no longer for posting pictures only. For the past few years, we have seen it as a social media marketing platform for brands. Apart from stories, IGTV, marketplace, Instagram also has a new feature called Reels.


Instagram Reels first became available in the United States and 50 other countries, and now it is available in Singapore! Because of that, local businesses have more chances to showcase their products and services. They would become closer to their Instagram followers as they apply this new fun and interactive IG feature in the social marketing campaign of their company


If you are up to let your brand dive into the world of Instagram Reels, this article will explain what it is and what makes it good for social media marketing.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short video clips that you could record and edit for 15 to 30 seconds long. Then if you want to share your Instagram Reels with others, add the clip to the story so your followers can see it right away when they go to your Instagram account. 


For the most part, Instagram Reels works somehow the same as TikTok. Even though the video clips are short, they can influence a lot of people. Since it is a new ongoing trend, expect the majority to join the community and discover new things together. 


However, the impact of your social media marketing campaign using Instagram Reels depends on how you display them to your target audience. Make sure to add the following as they are crucial in Instagram’s algorithms. 


  • Interesting and timely content
  • Use of creative tools (e.g. camera effects, filters)
  • Vertical videos
  • Trending Music (Black Pink’s How You Like That)
  • Inspirational messages (could be from celebrities or influencers of your brand)


Another thing you should bear in mind about this new feature is that Instagram can filter out your Instagram Reels if they deem the content has poor quality. It means they are less likely to appear on Instagram users’ Explore Page. That is why before releasing your Instagram Reels in public, make sure the music is audible, the text or clip is not blurry.

3 Ways to Use Instagram Reels to Your Business’s Advantage

Give Sneak Peek Behind-the-Scene

Since Instagram Reels only allow you to record up to 30-second video clips, it is a perfect way to connect with your target audience on a personal level. You could show your Instagram followers a sneak peek of what you are doing to provide them with the quality services they deserve, 


For example, if you own a fashion magazine and a clothing brand tasks you to showcase their collection on your platform, here is what you need to do. 



Here, L’Officiel Singapore revealed a sneak peek at the photo shoot, and they also added a brief message from the model herself to show her active support for the brand.


You could also do the same. But if you are on a budget, you do not have to rely on influencers. Just make sure the Instagram reels you are creating have the same content as your other social media marketing campaign.


Educate With Quick How-To’s

Another way to showcase your brand via Instagram Reels is to educate your target audience. By providing them with valuable information about your products and services, they come back for more. 


Here is an example from the owner of the vegan shop, Two Spoons:



Showcase What You Offer In Action.

Expectation vs reality is what often scares people to buy something online. They are afraid to receive an item that is different from what they had in mind. Save your target audience from that thinking by demonstrating what your products or services are. 


Let’s say you own a coffee shop, and the best way to entice others to try your coffee blend is to show them how you make it. Take this clip, for instance. 



Before you use either of these ways, do SEO keyword research first. Doing so should give you ideas of what your target audience is looking for, and you can use your gathered data to create engaging Instagram reels.

How to Make Your Own Instagram Reels

Creating Instagram Reels is simple. Just tap “Reels” to open the Reel creator. If you cannot find it, let’s go a few steps back:


  • Open the stories window, then look at the bottom of the screen of your mobile devices.
  • There, you would see three words: Live, Story, and Reels, like this photo below.


IG Reels


  • Once you see the word “Reels” tap that, so it will direct you to the Reel Creator.
  • When you land there, and you have not made any Instagram Reels before, the screen will welcome you with this:


Welcome Screen IG Reel Creator


  • To move on to the next step, tap the phrase “Get Started”, leading you inside the Reels screen, which you have noticed has the same features like Instagram Stories.
  • From there, you can start recording whatever content you want, add music, use filters or change the playback speed. 
  • Once you are satisfied with the Instagram Reels you made, and you are sure they will be great as your social media marketing campaign, you can publish it by tapping the share button.


Just a heads up, you have three sharing options on Instagram Reels. Besides sharing them, as they are, you could post as they show on your feed or push the Instagram Reels to Instagram stories only. 

Raise Your Brand Awareness With Instagram Reels

Whether big or small, all businesses can benefit from Instagram Reels as their social media marketing campaign for their company. That is why let your brand dive into this bandwagon while the trend is still sizzling hot to everyone.


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