10 Best Tools For SEO And Digital Marketing

Just like building a house, you need the right tools when launching a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. There are countless SEO tools that you can try out to improve your marketing strategies. The good news is that most of them are either free, cheap, or cost-effective!


The bad news? With so many options, you might get lost when you’re finding the perfect tool. While that sounds like a good thing, the problem is that you could pick an SEO tool that’s inferior compared to others.


For the most part, choosing the right tools is just the beginning. That’s why you should worry about learning how to use these software programs. What’s important is that you search for the best digital marketing tools on the market! Fortunately, we’re here to help you.


Without efficient SEO software, the digital marketing industry wouldn’t be where it is today! Here are the 10 best programs for SEO and digital marketing.



10 Best Tools For SEO And Digital Marketing


1. Ahrefs


To say that Ahrefs is a must-have SEO tool is an understatement. Nowadays, even the experts recommend marketers to use Ahrefs!


Ahrefs is exceptional for checking backlinks and a few other things, such as exploring sites and tracking your rank. It’s a straightforward software program that lets you visualise data and export the input into formats. You can also display social media metrics such as shares, likes, and Tweets to analyse your performance.


Some of its features include:


  • Keyword research
  • Backlink research
  • Content research
  • Web monitoring


2. SEMRush


SEMRush is a fan-favourite tool used for researching keywords and backlinks. Many enterprises and e-commerce businesses utilise SEMRush to gain a better overview of the competition, mainly strategies that involve link building, display advertising, and SEO.


What’s the selling point, anyway? SEMRush offers a variety of features, including:


  • Analyse keyword difficulty
  • Discover domains’ keywords
  • Compare domains
  • Visualise data


3. Moz


Before Moz became the renowned marketing software tool it is today, the private company rose from humble beginnings. In 2004, Moz began as a consulting firm before it focused on SEO software development in 2008.


Nowadays, Moz offers some of the best SEO tools for keyword research and link building. Also, Moz has a signature “SEO Toolbox” that boasts many features, including a tool that provides keyword suggestions and volume data.


The best part about Moz is that you can download its toolbar for free! Try it out to improve your website’s SEO. After all, it has everything you need to run a successful marketing campaign.


4. Answer The Public


Not sure which keywords will benefit your business? The solution is simple: Answer the public—literally. Answer The Public is a tool that lets you find the most commonly asked questions by online communities.


Answer The Public has a unique feature that lets you set different keywords against each other. The best part? It’s free! You can utilise the free tool to rank better online with ease.


5. Animalz Revive


One of the most challenging tasks in SEO is to stay relevant. The goal is to keep your old content relevant after weeks, months, and sometimes years after its initial posting date. However, such responsibility is quite hard to accomplish. In that case, you can use Animalz Revive.


Animalz Revive helps you improve your old content to make sure your website stays fresh. The tool will find out which content requires an overhaul or update. Not to mention, it’s free for you to use anytime.


6. Mobile-Friendly Test (Google)


With Google’s latest “Mobile-First Indexing” update, optimising your website for mobile use isn’t optional anymore—it’s mandatory! However, with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, you can find out if your website is mobile-friendly. 


All you need to do is visit the website, copy your page’s URL, paste it in the blank bar, and click “Test the URL”. Afterwards, you’ll discover if your page is optimised for mobile devices. Testing your website to see if it’s mobile-friendly has never been so simple!


7. Seobility


Some SEO issues are harder to spot than others. Thankfully, you can use Seobility to notice any issues with your site’s SEO. You can detect errors, such as blocked pages, slow loading times, duplicate content, and many more.


Since the said features are usually exclusive for paid subscribers, you’ll be glad to hear that Seobility is free to use.


8. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is another free tool that allows you to analyse any keywords you want to rank. Just type the word on their website, and the tool will provide information on keyword difficulty and monthly search volume.


Similar to Answer The Public, you can compare keywords to discover which ones are worth ranking for.


9. Google Search Console


Improving your SEO is always a delight if you’re getting help from the marketing powerhouse itself: Google. The #1 search engine is pleased to offer “Google Search Console”, an SEO software tool that can help you track rankings and analyse your performance.


Like all the other great tools on this list, Google Search Console is free. It’s rich in features that let you optimise content, fix technical issues, and even understand how Google views your web page.


10. SE Ranking


Last but certainly not the least on our list is SE Ranking, one of the most popular SEO tools for digital marketers. 


SE Ranking consists of accessible features for reporting SEO performance, checking backlinks, and expanding keyword research. Not to mention, it can help your social media marketing campaign by boosting your online visibility and increasing engagement!


It’s not free, but the results are worth the price if you want to improve your digital marketing campaign in the long run.




Like all good things in this universe, our list of top 10 tools for SEO and digital marketing must come to an end. Some of these tools are free, while others come at a price. Either way, you’ll improve your SEO campaign if you learn how to manage each software program to benefit your business!


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