5 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies From Disney

Some of the biggest companies in the world—Marvel, Star Wars, ABC, Pixar—are owned by one giant mouse. The massive corporation of Walt Disney has been acquiring a lot of cash in recent years which can be attributed to owning several corporations all at once.


Visualise a giant mouse towering over a pile of other famous brands, and that’s the entire corporation in one image. 


Behind their phenomenal business strategy is a long list of marketers who worked their butts of to bring Disney to where it’s at right now. However, it doesn’t happen in an instant. Disney’s road to success is paved by decades of hard work and effort, proving that every business has the potential to expand in great numbers.


Whatever you think of Disney’s success, digital marketers can certainly learn from the corporation’s strategies. What are a few things we can learn from Disney’s marketing strategies?



Rehashing Old Content

Whether you’re a fan of remakes or not, there’s no denying that Disney’s most recent Aladdin and The Lion King were box-office cash magnets. If you’re a fan of the old films, you might be enticed to watch the remakes. On the other hand, if you know nothing of the original films, then you could watch the remakes instead. Either way, these remakes are an example of rehashing old content.




You should know that the result of SEO strategies doesn’t appear overnight. It takes weeks, months, sometimes even years before content to expand and grow in viewers. This is why you should focus on reusing old blogs to make them useful again. You’ll generate more leads in the process.



Connect With The Audience

Even before Star Wars: The Force Awakens released in 2015, there was so much hype surrounding the film. Disney didn’t even need to market the film enough for it to be a guaranteed blockbuster. But Disney still managed to capitalise on the hype and connect with the audience in the sweetest way possible.


The corporation decided to reach out to a loyal fan club and utilised their DIY R2-D2 creation. Disney showed the fan-made R2-D2 for the entire world to see. Of course, this gained a lot of positive reviews from both critics and fans alike.




The strategy of showing off your customer’s creations or effort isn’t exactly unique. For example, pencil-manufacturer Faber-Castell showcases its customers’ art with the use of their products on Instagram as a sign of gratitude. Also, it’s purpose was to show their product’s quality online, so it’s a win-win for both parties.


Your brand could learn how to incorporate the aforementioned technique. It’s always a delight to see companies connect with their customers. It shows how accessible the brand can be. It also shows how friendly the brand is, making it a great public relations (PR) strategy in its own right.




Utilising Current Themes

In this day and age, it pays off to become woke and politically correct. If done right, the brand can gain positive attention. Such is the case for Disney when they propelled their #DreamBigPrincess campaign.The campaign consisted of 19 female photographers from different countries capturing images of ideal female role models. Every time an image was shown on social media, Disney donated $1 to the UN’s “Girl Up” campaign.



The trick with this strategy is to adapt to the latest trends and utilise themes to connect more with the masses. Political opinions differ for every person, but some themes, such as the one portrayed by Disney, are generally considered safe for the majority of most audiences.


Your brand should learn how to adapt to the current social and political climates and take advantage of the current exploits to gain the trust of your target audience. Of course, it should be done right or else you might lose a few customers as a result. How so?


Utilising themes, especially political ones, may come off as “aggressive” or “obvious” for some people. This is why it should be done with honesty and subtlety. No matter how universally accepted fact can be, if it’s forced, it may become a liability instead.



Choose The Right Partners

They say birds of the same feather flock together, and this might ring true for most businesses. It’s important to choose who you’ll partner with because you’ll connect your brand’s image with another.



Disney did the right thing with them “Healthily Ever After” campaign by partnering with Public Health England on the NHS’ Change4Life programme for the film Finding Dory.



It’s the right decision because first, Disney chose an experienced partner, and second, they know how the audience would react if they were to work with a well-established name. Your brand should do the same thing too. Whenever you’re going to work with another well-known brand, make sure your goals and vision come together like milk and cereal!


These techniques can certainly be used in your digital marketing campaign. Focus on your online reputation management here in Singapore to properly organise your brand’s image on the Internet. Incorporate these techniques for a stronger digital marketing campaign.


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