Is your digital marketing campaign good to go? Make sure everything goes according to your plan by focusing on all the essential areas of digital marketing, such as SEM and SEO. Besides SEO services, part of your digital marketing campaign includes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, a process of generating leads through SEM tactics.


PPC advertising refers to the use of paid search ads that allow you to obtain traffic in an instant. For that reason, PPC advertising is one of the most effective SEM strategies for boosting search engine rankings and gaining leads.


However, the efficiency of PPC advertising makes the risk of causing mistakes just as high. Sending paid search ads is a high-risk and high-reward type of marketing strategy, which is why you need to come up with an efficient PPC advertising campaign that leaves little room for error.


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Avoid these five mistakes when it comes to PPC advertising, or else you will ruin your budget in the long run!



5 PPC Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Budget

5 PPC Mistakes


1. Neglecting Your Mobile Audience

Besides computers, what else are your customers using to explore the Internet? Mobiles and tablets, of course! That means you need to create high-quality ads for all devices, such as computers and mobile devices.


When launching a PPC advertising campaign, remember that around half of your audience are probably mobile users. Do the math and research your target audience to confirm the numbers, and you will see that a lot of your potential customers are mobile users. In that case, you need to make PPC ads specifically for mobile phones as well.


Compared to PPC ads for desktops, mobile PPC ads are just as effective since many users on search engines are mobile users. Take this opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of your local SEO services to attract more potential customers and direct traffic to your website.


2. Forgetting Your Budget

Money talks when it comes to PPC advertising. Set a budget plan before diving straight into your marketing campaign. You need to create a budget plan and stick with it until you can make more expensive investments and paid search ads.


Unfortunately, it is easy to overspend your budget when creating paid search ads. As a result, you could burn money faster than an engine on fire! Avoid this mistake at all costs by knowing your budget. Stick to your budget plan and save a bit of money for your PPC ads in the future.


3. Redirecting Users To Your Homepage

There is nothing wrong with using your PPC ads to redirect users to your homepage. However, it will become an issue once you use your ads solely for your homepage, which you should avoid when making an effective PPC or SEM campaign.


The purpose of starting a PPC campaign is to provide your audience with a variety of high-quality content, ranging from your product pages, down to your blog. Use the opportunity of PPC advertising to showcase the entirety of your website.


You can utilise your PPC ads for redirecting users to your landing page. Create a landing page to welcome visitors to your website. In doing so, you can provide your potential customers with a description of your business, catalogue of your products, or contact information so they can get in touch with you right away.


4. Not Using Negative Keywords

If you are only using broad keywords, then good luck! These keywords are highly competitive due to their expansive reach on search engines. Using them for your PPC ads can cost you a lot of time and money. In that case, you should include negative keywords in your PPC advertising strategy.


Negative keywords are terms and phrases that you can add to prevent your PPC ads from showing up on specific queries and search results. For example, if your negative keywords are “free” and “cheap”, search engines will not display your ads whenever users are typing queries with these mentioned words.


Using negative keywords is essential for your PPC advertising campaign because it lets you save a lot of money. As a result, identify negative keywords that can help you save money without sacrificing the efficiency of your ads.


5. Experimenting Too Much

The best way to predict the best results for your PPC campaign is to experiment with your ads. You will need to do so from time to time so you can know which PPC ads are worth implementing in your campaign. However, experimenting and split-testing can also cost a lot of money if you are not careful, so keep that in mind.



What’s The Next Step?

PPC advertising is only one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Besides PPC and SEO services, you can incorporate other tactics, such as content marketing and social media marketing, to attract more customers and gain leads.


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