5 Tips For Designing Your Blog Layout

Whether you want to drive traffic to your website or share your content on social media, creating a successful blog will give you everything you need to reach your goals. However, your blog may not stand out since countless other blogs are trying to do the same.


Besides creating quality blog posts and writing consistent articles, what is the key to creating a successful blog? The answer is a well-designed layout.


When creating a blog, remember that your blog posts are not the only factors that affect the quality of your blog. Creating a visually appealing layout is key to attracting more readers and keeping them hooked.


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The good news is that you don’t even need to design an intricate and complicated blog layout. A simple design and arrangement for your blog posts will suffice!


Keep in mind that while consistent content for your blog can improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings, a well-designed layout can do the same.


In the end, quality blog posts combined with a creative layout will benefit both your SEO and the aesthetic of your blog. Check out these tips that will help you design your blog layout!



5 Tips For Designing A Blog Layout

designing blog layout


1. Maintain A Consistent Brand Image

A strong and recognisable image will help you stand out from the competition, and it all starts with designing your website. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding a blog to your website, maintain a consistent brand image by using a single colour scheme.


Typeface, colours, format—these are the aspects of your website that you should consider when maintaining your layout’s consistency. Creating a consistent layout will help your readers distinguish your blog from others, and it will also make your brand more recognisable.


2. Keep It Simple

As mentioned earlier, a simple layout for your blog will suffice. Not surprisingly, you will attract more readers if you keep your blog layout clean and clutter-free. How so?


For starters, your readers visit your blog for one reason: to read! Make it easier for them to explore your blog by designing a simple layout that is free from any unnecessary plugins, images, and other visual elements.


Experiment with your layout to see how well a minimalist design will benefit your blog. Usually, a single column layout works best for most blogs, but you can test other styles to see which one is suitable for your blog.


3. Put Your Headers And Subheaders To Good Use

The three most vital elements of a blog layout are the headers, subheaders, and images. You can use these to your advantage by implementing spaces in between your blog posts with headers and subheaders. How can you take advantage of headers and subheaders anyway?


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Consider the fact that most of your readers will skim past some of your blog posts. If you want to grab their attention, emphasise the headers and subheaders to create space in between blog posts. The headers are for capturing the reader’s interest, while the subheaders are for putting additional information to hook readers.


4. Create Quality Images

Same with your headers and subheaders, images can help you put spaces in between blog posts. A great photo can instantly capture a reader’s attention! Use that to your advantage by creating quality images for your blog posts.


Remember to create not just one image but several images for each blog post. A relevant photo can support your content and add space in between paragraphs.


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Furthermore, even if you manage to create quality content for your blog, lack of images can make your blog posts dull or unimaginative, so it is crucial to design one or two infographics for each post.


5. Improve Your Website Speed And Performance

Most importantly, your readers would want to explore your blog without any interruptions. If your blog posts are taking too much time to load, then you are at risk of losing your readers.


Improving your site speed and performance is crucial for maintaining a loyal customer base. Not to mention, it also helps in improving your SEO as well, so remember to optimise your blog to make sure loading times are running smoothly.




A high-quality blog is a key to directing traffic to your website, regardless of your industry and target audience. When launching a content marketing campaign, remember to design your blog layout as well. Your digital marketing strategies will benefit from an increase in traffic and clicks if your blog gains more readers.


Even if you post high-quality content, your blog will suffer from a low number of readers if you fail to design a simple layout. Prioritise consistency and simplicity above all, and your blog will become successful in attracting more readers!


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