6 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies 2021

As Facebook has 2.89 billion monthly active users and counting, it has become a must for all businesses, whether local or international brands. Here, they have more chances to reach out to countless potential customers and raise brand awareness.


But as ecommerce arises, the competition becomes fiercer, especially for businesses of the same industry. Since social media platforms have become staple marketing tools for every company, you have to think of better strategies to market your products and services online. Doing so should prevent you from losing your target audience and get ahead of the game. 


To do this, make sure to set up realistic goals so you can plan more efficient and cost-saving Facebook marketing campaigns for your business in Singapore. Nevertheless, here are some proven strategies you can use in 2021.

6 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies 2021


Words are powerful, and so are the posts on Facebook. That is why it is crucial to present constant and relevant content for your followers. 


By posting from time to time, you can keep them up to date with your business. Your target audience will know about a new product, sale or event of your brand without needing them to visit your website.


Also, the good thing about this Facebook marketing strategy is that if your followers know that you are sharing informative updates about what they want, they will change the push notification from default to favourite. As such, you post something new. Facebook will notify them right away. 


Posting captions are not the content you can post on your Facebook page. You could add links to the blogs posted on your website.


When you do this, your Facebook followers will visit your website just to read the entire article and doing so should create a steady flow of traffic to your website. Just make sure the link you are adding has an image with it so anyone would notice it as soon as they scroll through their newsfeed. 



Another effective Facebook marketing strategy you must use is Facebook messenger since you can interact and have actual conversations with your potential customers. It is a good thing because you can answer all inquiries they have in mind about your products or services or just your business in general. 


And if you do encourage your followers to contact you via Facebook messenger, be sure to respond as soon as possible. Note that if you keep them waiting for too long, that could give them a poor impression of your brand. 


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Whether or not you are new on Facebook, this is a simple but powerful tool you can use for your Facebook marketing. All you have to do is install the Facebook Pixel and let it collect some data related to your target audience, such as:


  • Who previously purchased this or that item.
  • People who added the product to their cart but left it there and did not make any purchase. 

By then, you can create more attractive and custom campaigns for them. And the best thing about Facebook Pixel is that it is free, and you can use it any time, even if you have not launched your first Facebook marketing campaign yet.



The comment threads on your posts are there so your followers can give out their opinions. 

For example, if one of them leaves a positive comment about the Linkedin ads management in Singapore you just discussed in your post, you could thank them for their interest and feedback. Doing so should give your followers a feeling that you care about them.



Take your Facebook marketing into the next level by using augmented reality tools. With this, anyone could try your products right directly from their newsfeed. As a result, they could weigh their choices and make a purchase. 

Here is a good example of how augmented reality tools work. 



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Your Take Away

Even though Facebook has the largest pool of potential customers, you can never reach out to them if you do not use the right Facebook marketing strategies. Note that whatever you do can impact your brand, which is why you should think carefully and use every tactic wisely. 


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