Bing Versus Google: What’s The Difference?

No doubt, Google is still the leading search engine today, but did you know that Bing is also an effective platform for search engine optimisation (SEO)? You can use both Google and Bing for SEO, even though the two search engines are different from one another. Knowing the difference between these search engines will help you come up with effective SEO strategies.


Google may arguably be the best search engine for SEO. However, don’t disregard the importance of Bing just yet. Maybe Bing is not as popular as Google, but it still has an active user base, mainly in the United States. When creating a digital marketing campaign, consider using Bing for SEO so you can reach as many people on various search engines as possible.


Since Microsoft introduced Bing to the world in 2009, people considered the search engine as another one of Microsoft’s typical software programs. But did you know that there are some aspects of Bing that are better than Google?


Both Bing and Google have their pros and cons. In the end, understanding the difference between such search engines will allow you to come up with effective SEO strategies for Bing and Google.



What Is Bing?

Bing search engine


Did you know that Bing is not the first search engine from Microsoft? Bing came out in 2009, but Microsoft already has a history of creating web search engines, starting with MSN Search in 1998. Then in 2006, Microsoft unveiled Windows Live Search, replacing MSN Search altogether.


The following year 2007, Microsoft rebranded its Windows Live Search service as Live Search. It only lasted two years until Microsoft discontinued its Live Search service in 2009. Eventually, Microsoft launched Bing as a fresh new start of their web search service.


At the time, many people thought Bing was pale in comparison to Google, which was still the leading search engine back then. In reality, Bing boasts certain features that might even give Google a run for its money.


Some of Bing’s best search engine features include:


1. Bing Rewards

Just by using Bing, you can earn and redeem credits for certain rewards. Sign up for Microsoft Rewards to access rewards by searching on Bing. You can redeem your credits for gift cards, nonprofit donations, and many more.


2. User-Friendly Search Experience

You will have a convenient time using Bing thanks to its user-friendly features that provide users with relevant analogies and comparisons based on the search queries. Bing will prioritise search results depending on the user’s familiarity with their input.


3. Reddit Partnership

Microsoft announced its partnership with Reddit in 2007, letting users search for Reddit-related queries on Bing. If you’re using Reddit, then Bing might be the perfect search engine for your SEO campaign.



What Is Google?

google search engine


Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the company Google and released its search engine in 1998. The two founders had the bright idea of displaying ads on Google based on search keywords. As a result, Google raked in millions of profit over the years and became the leading search engine we know today.


Google did not invent SEO, but it innovated the way marketers should optimise their websites. With numerous updates over the past two decades, Google continues to evolve and provide users with efficient and convenient search features.


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Thanks to Google, SEO does not rely on mere keywords but also the quality of content. Back in the old way, stuffing your web page with keywords was enough to achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). However, as Google continues to grow, it is proven that the quality of your content will be a deciding factor for your site’s SEO.


To understand why Google is the leading search engine today, let us take a look at some of its features for SEO.


1. Quality SERP

Other search engines already have their version of SERPs, but nothing will quite match what Google has to offer.


Google’s SERPs are rich in content and features. For instance, Google offers snippets that showcase excerpts of web pages. Not to mention, paid results will even appear on a SERP depending on the keywords.


2. Image Packs

Google can also show a horizontal row of image links related to your search query. Such images can provide you with a more in-depth look of whatever you are searching for on Google.


3. Knowledge Cards

If you are looking for critical information from credible sources, Google can display knowledge graphs to help you out. Knowledge cards are graphs or charts that will display numbers or figures to provide you with visual aids based on the presented information.




As stated above, you can see that both Bing and Google have their own advantages. However, in the end, it seems that it is better to implement your SEO campaigns on Google if you wish to get the best possible results. Most people are using Google, which makes it a safer choice for SEO.


Nonetheless, consider optimising your website for Bing to expand your reach. Bing may have limited features, but its search engine capabilities may help you connect with specific users. As a result, you can reach a niche audience on Bing since the competition is not as fierce compared to Google!


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