Email Marketing: Tips, Tricks, And Mistakes

Are your ads reaching the right audience? Try using emails in your digital marketing campaign.


Email marketing lets you engage directly with your followers. It’s a simple yet effective way to grow a list of subscribers who you could convert into loyal customers in due time. You could even get a high return on investment (ROI) if you successfully send emails to the right receivers.


However, there’s a lot of mistakes to consider when managing an email marketing campaign. If you’re not getting a high ROI, that means you’re doing something wrong.


Don’t let this discourage you, though. Some people even say that email marketing is dead, but that’s far from the truth. Email marketing will help boost your business if you know how to do it correctly.



Tips and Tricks for Email Marketing


You can boost your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings by taking advantage of email marketing. By sending  emails to the right people, you can increase your conversion rate and maintain a relationship with existing customers.


Nonetheless, you might struggle to get positive results with each email sent per prospect. Some of your receivers will ignore your emails, while others will junk them in the spam bin. To make sure you’re sending emails to the right people, personalise and enhance your content. Doing so will grab the attention of your target audience and help you gain leads.


Check out the most effective tips and tricks for email marketing.


1. Hook Your Readers With A Subject Line

The first thing your readers will see is your email’s subject line. As such, creating a catchy subject can hook people into opening your email.


On the downside, if you fail to deliver a hooky subject line, most of your audience might not even open your email. That’s why it’s crucial to make a creative subject line that will grab the attention of your prospects at first glance.


Here are a few examples of catchy subject lines:


  • What’s The Secret To Getting Abs?
  • Practise Makes Perfect: Become a Professional Guitarist In One Month
  • Measure Success Using Three Words…


These are just examples of how your subject lines could look like. Create ones for your own that will align with your goals. However, keep in mind that using the same lines could annoy your subscribers. Mix up your titles from time to time and create different subject lines to add variety.


2. Come Up With An Engaging CTA

Attracting your subscribers is just the beginning. To convert your prospects into loyal customers, you need to come up with an engaging call to action (CTA) that will redirect subscribers to your website or social media page.


How can you make a quality CTA anyway? Consider these three factors:


  • Engaging
  • Descriptive
  • Authoritative


The first step to creating a compelling CTA is to make sure it’s engaging. Does it spark ideas for the reader? Will it encourage new conversations? Make a charming CTA, and your subscribers might turn into loyal customers along the way.


As for the second step, a descriptive CTA works best. Describe your offer or intent in one or two sentences without giving too much detail. Reserve the rest for your website, where your subscribers can discover more about your brand.


Lastly, establish authority by showcasing your products or services. You could redirect your subscribers to your web page to view your portfolio. Include a few photos of your products or services in your email to enhance your CTA even further.


3. Optimise Your Email List

Most people think that when it comes to email marketing, a large number of subscribers eventually leads to a high ROI. However, if your email list consists of inactive subscribers who don’t benefit your business, then you should direct your emails to the right people instead.


Analyse your email list and get rid of poor-quality addresses. Instead, reach out to active subscribers who often respond to your emails.



Mistakes To Avoid


Managing an email marketing campaign is simple, but you’ll encounter a few mistakes if you’re not careful. Here are some of the mistakes of email marketing that you should avoid.


1. Not Welcoming Newbies

For online stores and e-commerce sites, the first step to inviting your new subscribers is by welcoming them with a compelling message via email. Once you add a new subscriber to your list, send them a welcome email to get them acquainted with your business.


2. Forgetting To Make A CTA

Many emails lack compelling CTAs that neglect the entire goal of sending an email in the first place. Remember to make a CTA so you can encourage your subscribers to make a purchase or inquiry.


3. Not Optimising Your Content For Mobile Users

Have you checked the quality of your emails for mobile devices yet? If not, there’s a chance that your emails won’t bode well for mobile subscribers. Check your emails on a mobile phone to see if the quality is above standard. Doing so will ensure your emails work well on mobile devices.




Like social media marketing, emails play a significant role in digital marketing for boosting your online presence and improving SEO rankings. Create an email marketing campaign so you can reach your target audience and build a list of loyal customers in no time.


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