Facebook Marketing Trends In 2021

Facebook was one of the most widely used social networking sites in 2020, with over 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide. As such, it has proven itself to be a highly effective social media marketing tool, allowing you to reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers for your business.


In 2021, Facebook continues to dominate the social media landscape. If you want to grow an audience, gain leads, and drive traffic to your website, then consider launching a successful Facebook marketing campaign in Singapore.


But before you do, you need to adapt to Facebook’s changing trends. Doing so will give you the upper hand when it comes to Facebook’s latest updates and changes.


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Here are some of the most popular Facebook marketing trends in 2021.





Believe it or not, more people are getting into long-form content, especially on Facebook. Long-form content refers to ad copies or social media posts with substantial captions containing a lengthy number of words. They usually come with supporting visuals, such as videos and images. But the long and descriptive captions are the gist of the content.


Long-Form Content


For example, check out this ad copy. It contains a lengthy caption that expands on the message it wants to convey. As a result, it has received thousands of engagements and clicks. (Source; GrowRevenue)


Creating long-form content is an excellent way to provide your followers with valuable information. It also helps them know more about the information provided before agreeing to your offer or call to action.


Here are some tips for creating long-form content:

  • Use bullet points
  • Share reviews or testimonials
  • Include supporting visuals (videos, images, infographics, etc.)


However, that doesn’t mean you should make all of your Facebook ad copies lengthy and full of texts. Try to achieve the right balance of long-form and short-form content. Know when you should get straight to the point or expand on the information further.


Compared to images and texts, videos are still the number one type of content on Facebook. People watch around 100 million hours of videos on Facebook every day, proving how tremendous an impact video content can have on your business.


Adding variety to your Facebook marketing campaign is crucial to success. This 2021, consider making it a priority to produce more high-quality video content. It will help your Facebook page garner more attention, especially if you share videos that resonate well with your followers.


There many forms of video content that you could use for Facebook marketing, such as:

  • Vlogs
  • Live videos
  • Webinars
  • Animations
  • Commercials
  • Interviews
  • Tutorials


Facebook and Instagram are evolving into versatile platforms, thanks to new user-friendly online shopping features. Facebook Marketplace already exists, but Facebook Inc. decided to take it a step further by introducing Shops, an interactive way to design your online store on Facebook and Instagram.


Expect more and more online shoppers to explore Facebook as the leading social networking site continues to grow in popularity as an online shopping platform. With Facebook’s updated shopping features, you can tag products in your photos, create collections, and enable in-app purchases to let customers buy without leaving Facebook (this feature is only available in the US to a limited number of businesses).


Nowadays, consumers expect brands to understand their needs, making it essential to personalise your content for your target audience.


You can personalise your content by understanding the needs of your target audience. For instance, try knowing more about your followers’ likes, interests, and preferences. Doing so will help you create personalised content just for your followers, thus making your content more engaging.


A good example of personalisation is dynamic retargeting. It uses machine learning to automatically deliver ads to Facebook users based on their past browsing behaviour.


For example, whenever a customer browses a product on your website, Facebook will show an ad of the item that the customer has browsed. In doing so, you could encourage that very same customer to purchase your product or follow your Facebook page.


Personalised Content


The image above is an example of personalised content. The Facebook user is interested in hotels and vacation trips. As such, Facebook has provided the user with a similar suggestion. (Source: Mention)


Personalisation has always been important when it comes to Facebook marketing. But this 2021, personalisation will become even more relevant, as more consumers are likely to ignore plain and generic ads.


Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that uses computer-generated imagery and projects real-time visuals. Unlike virtual reality (VR), which provides users with a simulated environment, AR is all about presenting life-like objects to the real world. You can use AR filters in your Facebook Stories to add some special and unique effects.


Augmented Reality


You could even use AR filters for your Facebook Shopping ads. (Source: Adweek)


Remember these Facebook marketing trends when creating a social media marketing campaign in Singapore. It will help you come up with creative new ideas that could make your campaign more successful.


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