Google My Business and “People Also Ask” Boxes

In life, there can be times that there are details all around you that can give you better opportunities. Young SEO’s will understandably be focused on doing whatever it takes to gain traction on organic search results. This tunnel vision prevents us from seeing other things like the People Always Ask boxes and things like the Google business listings.

Like what was previously shared here, the emergence of voice search has started to affect the way search results appear.  This has also of course changed the whole process on how you perform search engine Optimization.

Much like what was discussed, utilizing these other aspects of Search will be greatly beneficial.

Creating content continuously that is able to answer basic queries related to your niche and business gives you an opportunity to be included in these boxes in Google that go on forever, the “People Also Ask” section of the SERPS.

The reason why being able to be included in these things is that they are always, regardless if your competitor is always on top of the organic search, on the top. Sometimes above the ads and organic results. These boxes will always be on the first page.

More importantly, being included in these boxes means that Google recognizes that your content is actually helpful and absolutely related to the current search query. And this is an important detail most especially these days.  


How do you make sure your content gets included?

You don’t. All you can do is continue, not SPAM, to create and share valuable content. If you attempt to try and manipulate the search engine and aim to target the boxes you will, for sure, get lesser chances for getting included. Keep in mind that this section of the search results are reserved only for content that has immense relevance to specific topics.

You also won’t be able to save a spot on it by filling your contents with thousands of words or too little words. Word count is irrelevant most of the time because what most people miss out on is the fact that the topic or the overall vibe of the contents being created is what matters most. Trying to fill up a thousand words if it’s not really necessary and filling content with filler words is just a waste of time and effort. Not to mention the fact that you will inevitably just bore your reader to death with such posts.

Another feature on Google’s search results are the My Business listings.

Much like the People Also Ask boxes, these things are always on the top of the SERPs. You can actually optimize these listings. Placing complete information like the working or operating hours of a business, as well as the address and contact numbers makes it easy to connect the potential customer to a specific business.


How do you optimise your Google my business listing?

This one is a bit more controllable. Like what was discussed, making sure that the details of a business is present on these Google my business listings is very important.  But another feature most people miss out is the fact that you can also share content there.

Whenever you get to create new content on your website like a blog post or a sort of press release, you can share it there as well. One good tip is that you post an image there with a preview of the content and lastly, a link back to the original post. Since the business listings are always on top, these shared posts and contents will be seen immediately.

Imagine being able to control these two things. Even if some of your competitors are on top of the search results, they may never get to even catch you if you have these under your control.

In a world that is currently advancing, really fast as a matter of fact, when it comes to mobile technology and connectivity, these specific details related to search are crucial. Mobile users all over the world, will need information about things fast. That’s the whole point of having mobile devices that can deliver information while they are on the go.