How To Market Your Tuition Centre?

Mar 18 2020

How To Market Your Tuition Centre In Singapore?

Written by Carlo Angelo Suñga

With school holidays coming closer this March, now would be a great time to market your tuition centre while private tutoring services are still in-demand. 


Parents around the country are looking for reputable educational institutions with the hope of choosing the best one. Of course, you’d want to prove that your tuition centre is the most excellent choice in Singapore. But even with the best and brightest teachers under your employment, you need to have an effective marketing strategy up your sleeve.


As more people rely on technology every day, you should try incorporating modern marketing strategies to reach your target market. Sure, traditional marketing techniques such as email marketing, print media, and word-of-mouth advertising are still useful today. Nonetheless, you should step up your game by trying new methods that will broaden your view and give you a fresh perspective on marketing as a whole.


Search engine marketing (SEM), social media, organic search—these are just some of the commonly used digital marketing techniques in many industries. So let’s dive deeper into the world of digital marketing and see how it can benefit your tuition centre!



Digital Marketing: Benefits Of SEO And SEM


Digital marketing is home to various strategies—like retargeting and social media advertising, for instance. But first, let’s discuss the bread and butter of digital marketing: SEM and SEO.


SEM and SEO are two of the most commonly used marketing strategies nowadays, and it’s for many good reasons. Your tuition centre could benefit from SEM if you take a staunch approach towards building a campaign. How can SEM help your institution reach your target audience anyway?


The benefits of SEM and SEO  for your business include:


Gain website traffic. SEM involves the usage of paid ads or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, which will reward you with more website traffic in an instant. Redirecting more traffic to your website is vital for gaining traction, leads, and visitors.


Define your target market. Your target audience is composed of either parents or graduate/undergraduate students. To know more about your audience, you could target your ads based on their locations with the help of SEM and SEO.


Analyse your performance. Examine the performance of your paid ads by gathering your campaigns’ results. Tools like Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) allow you to survey your performance with precision. As a result, you have a more in-depth perspective on how you can boost your marketing efficiency.


Increase brand awareness. Increasing your local SEO can provide wonders for your educational institution. That’s why you should build brand awareness—to familiarise yourself with a broader audience and gain their trust!


Employing SEM and SEO will definitely give your tuition centre the slight edge it needs to establish itself in a competitive market. Still, one question remains: How can you utilise SEM and SEO?



Tips And Tricks For Using SEO And SEM


1. Find Suitable Keywords

The good news is that your business will cater to a niche audience, mainly parents who want to encourage their children to spend a more fruitful vacation learning. That makes it easier for you to find the keywords you need to reach out to your target market.


Keyword research plays a crucial role in SEO. It gives you a sense of direction, helps create content, and allows you to monitor your competition. For instance, your keywords include some of the examples listed below:


  • Tuition centre
  • Tuition classes
  • Private tuition


2. Improve Your Local SEO

Most tuition centres in Singapore rely on local SEO, a digital marketing strategy with the intent of targeting customers based on proximity. You could do the same for your private institution by improving your local SEO.


Focus on your target audience near your business by marketing your brand and services to local customers. For instance, you can enhance your online visibility on a regional scale by using local keywords. Your local keywords should look like this:


  • Tuition centre in Singapore
  • Tuition classes Singapore
  • Private tuition West


Notice how each keyword includes a location or area at the end. Utilise these local keywords to get a better chance of appearing on Google’s results page whenever someone nearby is searching for your business.


3. Be Active On Social Media

To improve your local SEO even further, launch a social media marketing campaign to gain more leads and prospects. Being active on social media will help you target the right audience and manage reviews.


You can try marketing on Facebook, where a lot of middle-aged adults—most likely parents—are searching for reputable tuition centres such as yours. Here, you can build a social media reputation from the ground up and increase brand awareness to establish credibility.





You can still rely on tried-and-tested techniques such as email marketing or word-of-mouth advertising. But with SEO and SEM to guide your way, you’ll have an even better shot at gathering more customers! It might take a long time before you see a lot of children joining your institution, but the wait is worth it once your plans are put into play.


For more digital marketing tips, get in touch with our SEO company in Singapore! Contact OOm at +65 6391 0930.

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