Learn how to optimize your landing page for better conversions!

Having a great landing page is the key towards better conversion rate. Landing pages are first page that your visitors see. That few seconds glance of your page your visitors take would determine whether they want to continue browsing your site or not. Hence, how do you create a captivating landing page which would get you the traffic conversion you need?


A Compelling headlines goes a long way

Having a strong headline would capture your visitor’s attention. Firstly, It should contain content which is relevant. Next, try to use interesting captions or open questions, which would entice your visitors to want to stay on and read more. Try playing around with font sizes, bolding your text, and using Strong colours, would also help you make a stronger statement to attract people to read it.


No scrolls needed

Keep whatever information you want to relay to your visitors succinct. It’s best if you are able to keep all the vital information within the page view, without needing to scroll to read further. At a glance, your visitor is able to absorb whatever information they need, before they would ask themselves, am I at the right page?

Persuasive copywriting is the way to go, to create great advertisement copies which will convince your visitor to stay on your site and take action.



Take f21 website for example. It’s landing page features the latest deals, aimed at capturing visitor’s attention. It highlights that its site have recently been updated, and there are up to 1500 new pieces of clothing/accessory items for you to browse! Their layout is simple, neat, and has all the information that it wants its visitors to see. If visitors are interested, they can continue to browse further by any category links shown.


Tickle the senses

Studies have shown that most people are usually visual creatures. People are more interested in sites which have plentiful illustrations and videos. This is especially important when you are trying to sell products. Your visitors would want to see exactly what the product looks like, before the make the decision to buy or enquire more about it. It would be good if a video could be incorporated to show your visitors how to use the product, and at the same time, hone the features of the product.


Keep it simple!

No one enjoys reading a page cluttered with text and images spammed all over the place! Keep your site layout clean and simple. Avoid having long line of texts droning on and on about the products and/or services you offer. Use bullet points instead. Keep each description short and sweet. Your visitors will greatly appreciate it, as it is easy to read and understand.


Hopefully this guide serves to give you a brief ideal on how to create great landing pages that works! Start making the necessary changes today and you will be guaranteed to achieve better conversion rates on your site!