SEO is great for business, no doubt. However, there are tons of variations when it comes to SEO services. Some of them include local SEO and global SEO.


Local and global SEO are quite different from each other, but the goal remains the same: to improve search engine rankings and web visibility. However, the methods of achieving these goals are where the similarities end.


What are the differences between local and global SEO? Find out today, starting with local SEO.



Local SEO: 3 Things You Need To Know


The point of doing SEO is to improve your site’s search engine rankings and earn more clicks. By directing more organic traffic to your website, you can attract potential customers and establish a stable online presence in due time.


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For local SEO, the goals are similar. You still need to improve your SEO rankings, but the purpose of doing so is to improve your web visibility for local search. Improving your local search rankings will allow your website to become more visible to users on search engines looking for information relevant to your business and its location.


1. Local SEO Utilises A Different Pattern

Local SEO utilises a different pattern when it comes to search engine algorithms. Unlike global SEO, the purpose of improving your local SEO rankings is to help your website become more visible on search engines based on location-specific queries.


For example, imagine yourself as an owner of a bookstore in Serangoon, Singapore. If someone in Serangoon searches for a bookstore on Google, your website and location of your business will appear on the search results. Of course, you’ll need to improve your web visibility for local search if you want to rank higher than other bookstores near you.


2. Small Businesses Benefit From Local SEO The Most

Local SEO services are perfect for small businesses since the goal is to attract nearby customers. Doing so for your business will help you reach a local audience that can grow over time if you continue to deliver quality services and improve your local search rankings.


If you’re managing a brick-and-mortar business, consider focusing on local SEO services to attract more customers. Local SEO is an excellent strategy for growing your business. You can cater to mobile users by improving your SEO rankings and offer vital details about your business, such as your contact information, address, and customer reviews.


3. Your Business Can Appear On Google Snack Pack Listings

Whenever someone searches for your business and its location, you have a chance of appearing on Google Snack Pack listings. Google Snack Pack refers to the boxed area that appears on the first search engine results page (SERP).


Appearing on a Google Snack Pack listing should be your priority when it comes to local SEO. Not only will you appear on the very top of a SERP, but you can provide users with a brief but concise description of your business.



Global SEO: 3 Things You Need To Know


Global SEO focuses on reaching a wide-scale audience, as opposed to local SEO that aims to improve web visibility for nearby customers. Since global SEO is a more ambitious approach to SEO, the efforts and time required to attract an international audience will be much harder to achieve as well.


1. The Goal Of Global Seo Is To Reach An International Audience

Unlike local SEO, the goal of global SEO is to expand your reach and attract an international audience. Doing so will be difficult since you have to create high-quality content for a wide range of audiences. However, the results are worth your efforts since you can increase your customer base over time.


2. Global SEO Shares The Fundamentals Of Organic SEO

Global SEO shares the same fundamental of organic SEO, which means you have to increase your search engine rankings and optimise your website. Getting increased organic traffic will benefit your web visibility for both local and global search.


The difference between global and local SEO is that the former requires you to create content for different regions. You need to research audiences from various countries and target one that will benefit your business the most.


3. You Need To Consider The Rules Of Other Countries

The main objective of global SEO is to promote your products and services by creating high-quality content for diverse audiences. Since your target audiences from other countries will vary in behaviour and relevance, you need to consider the different rules and regulations.


For example, the rules for advertising in the United States (US) may be different from Singapore. In that case, research the current rules and regulations regarding advertising in the US to ensure your content is 100% legal.




Local SEO is vastly different from global SEO. For instance, local SEO is perfect for small businesses, while global is best for large enterprises. However, local SEO works best for both ways, try to focus on that first, so you can attract a local audience for your business.


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