Relationship Goals: How The Rules Of Dating Work In Digital Marketing

Like “don’t be late for dates” or “honesty is still the best policy,” common dating rules serve as a guide for better communication between two people who are looking to get into a relationship. But these dating rules don’t only apply to dating: it can easily be applied to digital marketing as well.


With the advancement of technology and changing consumer behaviour, consumers are moving from a passive role to a more active one, making traditional marketing strategies less impactful and soon completely obsolete. If you’re looking to make your digital marketing campaigns attractive to consumers, here we explore some dating rules that can help you with your digital marketing.


Dating Rule Number 1: Let Them Know You’re Interested In Them

Just like in dating, customers highly appreciate it when they know that brands are interested in them and not just their money. Traditionally, communication between brands and customers were one-way, with marketers simply releasing marketing collaterals like fliers or TV commercials to customers. This model caused a huge disconnect between brands and consumers, with companies getting an image as money-hungry corporations that have no heart.


But technology has turned that into a two-way communication process: customers now have the power to react positively or negatively towards a brand’s message, which can be picked up by other customers. This means brands are now more vulnerable to backlash and negative reviews if their brand messages are inauthentic or show lack of interest in the needs of their customers. If you want to be successful in marketing your brand in the digital platform, keep your customer’s wants and needs in mind.


Dating Rule Number 2: Be Honest

Both in marketing and dating, honesty is still the best policy. Nowadays, customers are much more aware of dirty marketing tactics, and can easily tell if a brand’s marketing is just “for show” or if it upholds the principles and visions of the company.


The traditional strategy of promising your customers the moon can no longer work in digital marketing and can even hurt your brand’s image in a major scale; questionable claims can lead to backlash and doppelganger brand images, while negative side-effects not addressed properly can go viral in an instant.


When it comes to the digital platform, it pays to always be honest in your marketing campaigns.


Dating Rule Number 3: It only takes 15 minutes (or less)

This dating rule, in particular, is one that marketers should always be aware of: customers today have a short attention-span, and even less patience to listen to you.


According to this dating rule, it only takes the first 15 minutes of a date to know if the date is worth a second meet-up or not; in digital marketing, it takes only roughly 8 seconds to catch your customer’s attention.


It may seem impossible to catch anyone’s attention given the short attention-span, but it’s doable with a unique and creative idea.


Dating Rule Number 4: It’s Okay To Follow-Up

Following-up after a date is okay, and following-up with customers you engage with is perfectly okay, too.

Engaging your customers is one of the hallmarks of digital marketing. Customers who are in need of assistance will most often go online to find a solution, and if you have an online presence, expect them to engage you there.


But after the initial contact, what next? That’s where the follow-up comes in. Following-up is a great added value for your customers, and they could share the positive experience to others online.


Whether it’s dating or creating a marketing strategy, these rules can help guide you to a more interactive and engaging customer relationship that can make your brand more likable and authoritative online. It’s also a good idea to work with a team of professionals to help you with your digital marketing campaign.