During the old days of SEO, you could only type texts into search engines and hope to get the best results. Nowadays, search engines have improved in so many ways, with features such as voice and visual search giving users more freedom to choose.


The topic for today’s blog post is all about visual search, an alternative way to use Google and gather information by sending images. Visual search lets you find information on the Internet through the input of an image.


Visual search is quickly becoming one of the SEO industry’s most important trends in 2021. Here’s what you need to know about the relationship between visual search and SEO.



When it comes to visual search, you will insert an image into the search engine to find related images and objects. The search engine will provide you with a list of results that contain similar or identical images.


For example, if you send an image of a t-shirt, the search engine will look for other illustrations or pictures of t-shirts. It will identify objects based on the image you have sent.


Also, you might mistake visual search for image search, which are two different things.


For starters, unlike visual search, image search works the same way as typing texts into search engines. The search engine shall recognise other images based on the structured data associated with the files.


As a trend in the SEO industry, visual search became even more relevant when Google launched the “Google Lens” app, which lets you capture and scan pictures to identify similar images. Google Lens is the most popular visual search app. It boasts a wide array of features, such as scanning and translating texts, identifying plants and animals, and exploring nearby places.



Why Is Visual Search Important For Seo?

Important For SEO


Some marketers are overlooking the importance of visual search processes for SEO services. In reality, visual search is relatively new, but it is already gaining enough popularity to establish its relevance in the digital marketing industry in Singapore.


Visual search is vital for SEO because search engines are constantly evolving. It is only a matter of time until people until billions of people use visual search. Optimising your images for visual search can increase your conversion rates, especially if you wish to display your product listings and catalogues.



It is possible to incorporate SEO services with visual searches to improve your products’ web visibility. By optimising your images, you can reach more customers and help people find what they are looking for on Google Lens and other visual search apps.


For eCommerce SEO, you might want to consider optimising your images for visual search. Doing so should increase the likelihood that potential buyers will discover your products on Google Lens.


Here are some tips to optimise your images for visual search:


1. Name Your Image Files

Google considers every aspect of an image before relaying its data to search queries. When scanning your website, Google’s search engine spider will check your image files, including their titles and filenames. Avoid leaving your image files named “untitled”, or else you will lose the chance to make your images more searchable.


2. Add Alt Tags

When it comes to eCommerce SEO in Singapore, adding alt tags to your images is a must. It is the part of the process that involves keywords. You need to ensure that your product images have alt tags containing appropriate keywords. Use keywords related to your products’ colour, design, and quality to boost your images’ relevance.


3. Write Captions

Some images may require in-depth descriptions of their products. In that case, write captions for product images when necessary. Pictures or illustrations that are self-explanatory might not need a caption, so choose which ones require a caption. Remember to use relevant keywords to improve your images’ web visibility.



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