Get ready for audio, a type of content that has been dominating the marketing landscape for years. Audio has always been an excellent marketing asset, but only now will it become a game-changer for marketers.


When people don’t want to read or watch, they listen. For this type of experience, audio is the best form of content. You can simply listen to podcasts or radio ads anytime, anywhere, and you can learn a thing or two about exciting topics.


A good example of audio for content marketing in Singapore is podcasts, a series of episodes where people discuss relevant topics. You can listen to podcasts via downloads or subscriptions.


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However, podcasts are not the only great examples of audio for content marketing. Be on the lookout for social audio, a new marketing format that has given marketers more options for creating quality content.




Social audio has been steadily on the rise recently, thanks to Facebook and Clubhouse.


Facebook, Inc. has announced that they will release Live Audio Rooms on Facebook and Messenger. It is similar to the audio-only app Clubhouse, which launched in 2020, allowing users to join groups and converse with others.


The problem with Clubhouse is that it is exclusive to iPhone as of today, with a currently available beta version and planned release for Android users in 2021. Also, Clubhouse is only accessible to people who have received an invite by Clubhouse members. 


 Clubhouse App


Not surprisingly, Facebook took the opportunity to adopt a similar feature so billions of people, not just iPhone users, can enjoy the live audio experience.


Nonetheless, thanks to the emerging success of Clubhouse, social audio has become another opportunity for marketers to expand their online presence. Not to mention, other social audio apps have started to gain popularity, with Discord and Logcast offering similar features to Clubhouse.




Live Audio Rooms and Clubhouse are just some of the rising content marketing trends in Singapore. How exactly will social audio fit into content marketing as a whole, anyway?


For starters, the integration of podcasts with Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms will make it easier for people to access their favourite audio-based content. You can create your very own podcast and share valuable information with interested listeners. The best part is that anyone can listen to your podcasts, even those from outside the country.


 Facebook Live Audio


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Also, as mentioned earlier, Clubhouse has a planned release for Android users in 2021, expanding to other mobile users, not just iPhone. If you could gain access to Clubhouse, you can join groups of members who are interested in similar subject matters. Use this to your advantage and communicate with your target audience on Clubhouse to build trust.


In summary, audio is on the rise, as evidenced by the emergence of Live Audio Rooms and Clubhouse. Consider using audio as a medium for your content marketing services in Singapore to establish deeper relationships with your target audience.


With audio content marketing, the possibilities are endless. Besides podcasts and social audio, you can try other forms of audio, such as:


  • Audiobooks
  • Audio ads
  • Voice search
  • Background music (websites and physical stores)


“Every once in a while, a new medium comes along that can be adopted into a lot of different areas,” Zuckerberg said regarding Facebook’s Live Audio. Zuckerberg’s statement is pretty much true. Even though Live Audio Rooms is far from original, it is a step forward to trying something new and helping people get closer to one another.

Perhaps you can try something similar and utilise audio for content marketing? If you need help, get in touch with a content marketing agency in Singapore.


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