Facebook, WeChat, Instagram—almost everyone’s on these social media platforms. Around 4.7 million Singaporeans are active social media users, and it’s not surprising since these networking sites serve as a communication medium and information center.


Social media marketing in Singapore is looking brighter each day, and it’s up to marketers like us to strike while the iron is hot! With that said, you need to know which social media platforms are worth investing in if you want to reach a wider target audience.


Let’s take a look at some of Singapore’s most dominant networking sites, starting with Facebook.



Which Social Media Platform Should You Choose?

1. Facebook

Facebook Welcome Interface


First is Facebook, a leading platform not just in Singapore but worldwide. In fact, around 3.5 million Singaporeans are on Facebook, with 3.2 million users accessing the app on their mobile phones.

Facebook is a prime choice for many Singaporeans, but what’s the reason behind it? For starters, the app is useful for staying in touch with friends and families. Not to mention, many consumers use Facebook for posting personal content. But most of all, Facebook is a bullet train of information for everything related to world news, pop culture, and advertising—making it an ideal platform for marketing your brand.


Before marketing your business on Facebook, check out this overview of the Singapore audience:


Facebook Users in Singapore


As you can see, there are more male users compared to women, but only by a small margin. That means you can reach your target audience on Facebook, regardless of gender. However, there’s one more factor to consider, and it’s the target audience’s age.


Facebook Users in Singapore (Age)


If you’re going to market your brand on Facebook, you can target young adults, both men, and women, and capitalise on content marketing strategies such as posting web content. It also helps to keep in touch with your audience by sharing blogs and visuals daily.


However, keep in mind that Facebook may be losing a little lustre as some millennials worldwide are ditching the app in favour of other networking sites, such as Instagram. You could still consider Facebook as a primary platform if your target audience is older consumers—like middle-aged parents and seniors, for instance.


2. Instagram

Mobile Phone Instagram


As mentioned earlier, younger audiences are flocking towards Instagram away from Facebook for various reasons, such as the change in algorithm that resulted from the influx of older users. More importantly, Instagram offers a better mobile experience, which is why most millennials enjoy sharing pictures and videos of their daily lives.


You could take advantage of the opportunity to create an Instagram page for posting videos and images. But first, let’s take a look at the demographics.


Instagram Users in Singapore


Compared to Facebook, Instagram has more women than men. If your target audience consists of women, then perhaps it’s an excellent idea to utilise Instagram for reaching out to a younger audience as well? After all, most Instagram users in Singapore range from ages 25 to 34.


Instagram Users in Singapore (Age)


What do most Instagram users do anyway? Besides sharing their daily lives via images and videos, Instagram users usually view other pages, including online businesses that have leveraged on this platform for reach and engagement. For that reason, you can use the networking site for building your brand. Create an Instagram page to establish a reputation and post quality images to keep your customers updated at all times.


3. LinkedIn



Did you know that Singapore is one of the top 5 countries with the most connections on LinkedIn? It might seem like a surprise, but in reality, LinkedIn is an effective marketing platform for reaching out to a professional audience.


LinkedIn has a total of 2.6 million users in Singapore. While it may not seem like a lot, what you’ll get in return is a target market filled with professional consumers and hundreds of other businesses.


You can utilise LinkedIn as a platform for making business to business (B2B) transactions or hiring applicants. Not to mention, you could build a professional image in LinkedIn, same with Instagram, by sharing updates about your company and employees.


4. WhatsApp

Mobile Phone WhatsApp


Last but definitely not least is WhatsApp, one of the leading social media apps in Singapore. A staggering 86% of Singaporeans use WhatsApp for communicating with businesses and personal contacts.


What’s the difference between using Facebook’s Messenger app and WhatsApp? When it comes to a wide scope of marketing services, Facebook might be the better choice. But with WhatsApp, you can narrow down your marketing campaign by sending personal messages regarding discounts and offers, promoting special events, and sending videos of your ads.


WhatsApp offers better customer engagement since you can get in touch with direct customers. Plus, it’s a cost-effective strategy to use WhatsApp since it doesn’t offer any additional costs.




Each platform offers its own benefits for marketing your brand on social media in Singapore. However, to make things easier, let’s summarise the pros of each option and compile the demographics of the entire Singapore audience.


Combined Total of Social Media Users (Age)



Target Audience: People of all ages, but mostly those who are 25 to 44 years old.

Best For: Reaching a wider audience. It’s cost-effective, not to mention it also lets you post content (images, video, texts) and share links to your website and blogs.



Target Audience: Women from ages 25 to 44 years old.

Best For: Building a name for your brand by posting visuals and advertisements on your Instagram story or feed. Plus, with the latest Instagram Business feature, you can now use the platform’s tools to grow and reach your targeted audience.



Target Audience: Professional consumers and other businesses.

Best For: Establishing connections with other businesses and reaching out to a professional audience. Plus, having a LinkedIn for your business helps to build credibility whilst providing insider tips from an industry expert’s point of view.



Target Audience: Most internet users in Singapore.

Best For: Direct communication with customers and sharing files, promos, and ads.


There you have it! Here’s everything you need to know about the latest state of social media platforms in Singapore. The best social media marketing platform will depend on your target audience and objectives. Identify your target market and you’ll find out which platform(s) could help your business grow.


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