5 Tips For Using Instagram As Your Marketing Platform

If Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter is not enough to provide your business with online exposure, maybe using Instagram should give you the boost your brand needs to gain leads?


Instagram is one of the best social media marketing platforms because of its wide range of features. Like Facebook, Instagram specialises in photos and live or recorded videos. However, since Instagram is a photo-sharing application, the app does not offer many features beyond that. Nonetheless, you could still communicate with followers via comments and direct messages.


Instagram is an efficient social media platform for promoting your brand with commercials and advertisements. With the help of an accessible interface, you can provide your followers with a variety of quality photos that could improve your brand image.


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Even though TikTok is the leading social media app this 2020, Instagram is still an excellent choice for marketing. You can expand your business, reach your target audience, and post quality photos and videos to raise brand awareness. The best is that all of these are affordable!


You can never go wrong with Instagram as your go-to marketing platform. Here are a few tips on how to use Instagram for social media marketing!



How To Use Instagram For Marketing?


1. Use A Business Profile

The first step to using Instagram for marketing is to create a business profile. Unlike your private account, your business profile comes with features designed for connecting with followers and posting ads. Such advanced features include Instagram Insights, which lets you define your target market and learn more about your followers.


When using your business profile, you can gather customer data to know more about your target audience. Insights, such as gender, age, and location, are free for you to discover. Also, similar to Facebook, you can check which posts have the most views and highest number of engagements.


2. Optimise Your Page

While Instagram does not present a wide range of customisation options, you can still optimise your page to make it more presentable and appealing to your followers. You can start by choosing a searchable username. Create a catchy and recognisable username that your customers can remember at a glance.


Another factor to consider is your profile picture. Like Facebook, you need to present a captivating profile picture so your customers can recognise your business immediately. An excellent profile picture will also attract potential customers and set a great first impression of your brand.


3. Use Keywords

Did you know that Instagram is perfect for search engine optimisation (SEO)? Instagram has a search engine of its own since users can look for usernames and hashtags. For that reason, you should utilise relevant keywords for your posts and business profile.


For starters, include a keyword in your username so your target audience can easily reach you on Instagram. Also, you should insert relevant keywords in the form of hashtags in your captions. Doing so will help your posts appear on a user’s news feed depending based on the included hashtags.


4. Establish Your Style And Theme

The goal of most brands on Instagram is to establish a look or style that will stick with consumers in the long run. That includes using consistent themes, colours, and overall aesthetics.


Before posting your photos, create a colour scheme that is suitable for your brand image. Think of a theme that will complement your photos or videos, and stick with to maintain consistency.


You can use free lightroom Instagram presets that will allow you to apply premade filters on your photos. It will help you establish your style and make it easier for you to maintain consistency in designing your feed.


5. Post Regularly

The truth is, this tip applies to all social media platforms, not just Instagram. However, when it comes to Instagram, regular posting is crucial because your photos and videos are the sole reason why your customers are following you on Instagram. Leave your feed empty for a few weeks, and your followers might forget you even exist!


Remember to post regularly on Instagram. Create a content marketing calendar that will help you remember when to post your photos or videos. The ideal number of posts per week is between two to four images or videos. However, it is up to you on how many posts you want to publish on Instagram. The important thing is to define your followers and manage your Instagram page based on their needs.




Social media platforms come and go, but Instagram is always reliable for business and consumers alike. Take your social media marketing campaigns to the next level by trying out Instagram! With its wide range of features, you can’t go wrong with Instagram.


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