A Guide To Instagram Shops And Checkout

Instagram is the gift that keeps on giving. In the past few years, Instagram has evolved into one of the most popular social media marketing platforms for many good reasons.


For example, developers integrated Instagram with a new messaging system (similar to Facebook Messenger) for better and more personalized features. But that’s not all. Last year, Instagram introduced two new features as well: Shops and Checkout.



What Are Instagram Shops And Checkout?

With Instagram Shops, customers can experience a whole new world of online shopping on Instagram. Instagram Shops allow businesses to create fully customizable online stores on Instagram and provide customers with a user-friendly shopping experience.


On the other hand, Instagram Checkout is an online shopping feature that lets users buy products straight from Instagram. All you have to do is enter your name, billing information, and shipping address, then voila—your product is ready for delivery!


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Shops and Checkout are some of the most innovative shopping features on Instagram. These features prove that Instagram will continue its progression as a full-fledged online shopping platform. In that case, try using Shops and Checkout for your online store to gain more customers.



How To Use Instagram Shops And Checkout?

Just like Facebook, Instagram lets you set up an online store with a variety of shopping features. Not to mention, it is simple and easy to do. Follow Instagram’s guidelines, and your online store will be ready for customers in no time.


Let’s take a look at some of the ways to set up a user-friendly online store on Instagram.


1. Ensure Your Eligibility

Instagram has strict guidelines when it comes to letting users create online stores for business. Fortunately, confirming the eligibility of your business is easy. You need to ensure your business qualifies for Instagram Shops in four ways:


  • Your business is present in an available market
  • You sell eligible products
  • You comply with Instagram’s Merchant Agreement and Commerce Policies
  • You own a website domain


2. Connect A Product Catalogue To Your Account

The bulk of your eCommerce business will depend on its product catalogue. You have two ways to connect your product catalogue to your account: Catalog Manager or eCommerce Platform Partner.


The first option, Catalog Manager, is a personalized method of managing your products on Instagram. It is the same customizable option that is present within Facebook Business Manager. Your catalogue can connect to different ads and show customers your Instagram Shop.


As for the second option, you can use any certified eCommerce platform, such as Shopify or BigCommerce, and integrate it with your Instagram business account. All of your items present in the eCommerce platform will transfer to your Instagram Shop.


3. Enable Shopping Features

After completing your tasks, your Instagram account will be under review. Wait for Instagram to approve your Shop so you can enable Instagram Shopping features, including Checkout. If you are unable to turn on Shopping features, that means your account is still under review, so be patient and wait for Instagram to give you the go-signal.



The Importance Of Instagram Shops And Checkout

Despite being simple and easy to do, setting up an Instagram Shop may not be worth the effort for some people. Why go through all the time and trouble to do something on Instagram when you can do the same on other digital or social media platforms, such as Facebook or your online store?


Here are a few reasons why Shops and Checkout are vital for businesses on Instagram.


1. There Are Billions Of Instagram Users

Instagram boasts more than a billion users worldwide, with 500 million being active every day. Those numbers alone are a good representation of Instagram’s potential for success. You can create an Instagram Shop to connect with hundreds and thousands of potential customers.


2. Your Business Can Grow On Instagram

According to Laura Dover, a Global Digital Communication Manager at Barbour, their brand benefited from increased sales by 42% and more traffic to their website of up to 98%. Perhaps you can do the same for your business by using Instagram Shops and its many other features.


3. Instagram Is Business-friendly

Instagram Shops and Checkout are just some of the many reasons why Instagram is the ideal platform for eCommerce and social media marketing. You can post user-generated content and connect your products with your ads and website.


Social media users can enjoy the accessible and user-friendly experience of online shopping on Instagram. Shopping is made easy, with online transactions being even more convenient for customers, thanks to Instagram Checkout.




Instagram is the future of social media shopping. Start your eCommerce business on Instagram to gain tons of followers and customers in no time! If you need help, get in touch with a social media marketing agency for additional support in promoting your business on Instagram and Facebook.


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