A Guide To Social Media Marketing For Your Shopify Store

As an eCommerce business owner, one of your many goals is to stand out from your competitors and boost sales. You can increase your SEO rankings to attract more customers, but it might not be enough for your business to succeed in the long run.


To achieve long-term online exposure, follow effective social media marketing practices for your online business. Doing so should allow you to reach a broader audience and raise brand awareness.


The possibilities are endless on social media. Both large enterprises and small businesses can benefit from social media marketing. If you know how to promote your Shopify store on social media, you can attract more customers and drive sales in no time.



Understanding Social Media: The First Step To Success

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the perfect places for setting up your marketing campaign. With these social media marketing platforms, your Shopify store can attract more potential customers.


However, before you use social media to promote your Shopify store, you need to understand how the marketing process works. Social media marketing is not as simple as posting links to your online store and expecting good results.


To understand how social media marketing works for eCommerce, consider these three factors that will affect your marketing strategy:


  • Target audience
  • Goals
  • Competitors


These factors will affect the way you promote your Shopify store on social media. For instance, you have to consider your target audience before choosing a social media site for marketing. Know where your customers are most active so you can choose the right social media marketing platform for your online business.


As for your goals, you need to define them first before choosing a social media marketing platform. For example, if your objectives include raising brand awareness, sharing quality content, and driving traffic to your website, perhaps Facebook is the perfect place for your Shopify store. Define your goals and consider all the available options before choosing a social media site for your marketing strategy.


Lastly, your competitors are something you should consider when creating a social media marketing strategy. If other rival businesses are active on a specific social media site, you have to prepare ahead of time. Create a plan that will overthrow your leading competitors.



How To Attract Customers On Social Media?

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The entire point of using social media for your Shopify store is to attract customers and raise awareness. However, social media marketing can be challenging, especially when it comes to customer engagement.


Here are some social media marketing tips for attracting customers and driving traffic to your Shopify store.


1. Share Blog Posts On Social Media

Blogging is a simple yet effective way to raise awareness and boost your online presence. Set up a blog that talks about anything related to your business, products, and services.


Share your blog posts on social media to attract potential customers. Your social media followers could be interested in your blog posts. They could even share them with others, thus expanding your reach and raising awareness as a result.


When writing blog posts for your Shopify store, do not just talk about your products or services. Share valuable information with your customers that could help them in their daily lives. Use relevant subject matters as the topics of your blog posts to capture the interests of your readers.


2. Build An Audience In A Single Platform

When it comes to using social media for digital marketing, the best way to succeed is by using two or more platforms. Avoid limiting yourself to just one social media platform. As much as possible, you should utilise two or more channels for your marketing strategy.


However, if you are new to social media marketing, you have to focus most of your efforts on a single platform. Build an audience on a social media site where most of your customers are likely to be active.


For example, if your customers are usually active on Facebook, then that is where you should promote your business as well. Nonetheless, that does not mean you should neglect other platforms for your business. Promote your Shopify store on several social media sites but focus on building an audience on a single platform to attract more customers.


3. Monitor Your Customers

Engage with your customers by monitoring them on social media. Know when to engage with your customers at the right time by keeping tabs on their social media activities. In doing so, you can reach out to potential buyers whom you could convert to customers.


Social listening tools such as Sprout Social, Buzzsumo, and Hootsuite can help you track social media conversations. Use them to your advantage and interact with customers to encourage them to visit your Shopify store.



What’s Next?

Start your path to success today! If you’re planning to start a Facebook marketing campaign, try getting in touch with an agency that can help.


Contact OOm, a Facebook marketing agency in Singapore, at 6391-0930 if you want to know more about the benefits of social media marketing for eCommerce and Shopify.