Facebook Ads: 4 Tips For Increasing Your Reach And Impressions

As a social media marketing platform in Singapore, Facebook is still one of the best. You can reach hundreds of potential customers just by managing an active and Facebook page.


However, over time, Facebook’s search engine has evolved to a more sophisticated marketing channel. Millions of advertisers compete against one another for ad space, making it even harder to increase your organic reach on Facebook.


On the bright side, a successful Facebook marketing campaign is worth your investment. It will maximise your social media presence and help you raise brand awareness. The decline of organic reach on Facebook means you need to nurture your leads and evaluate some of Facebook’s most underutilised features, such as Stories, Live, and Watch.


Most importantly, you have to understand Facebook’s algorithm, which has drastically changed in recent years. Facebook considers a few essential factors when prioritising posts on news feeds, such as:


  • The number of likes, shares, and comments
  • The date of the recently published post
  • User feedback
  • The content of the post


In the end, Facebook’s ultimate goal is to provide users with quality content. The leading social media site also wants to ensure that advertisers, such as yourself, are benefitting from Facebook’s advertising capabilities. It is not surprising since Facebook makes massive profits from paid advertising as well.


Besides sharing links and posting high-quality content, what are some of the ways that can increase your reach and impressions on Facebook?



Social Media Marketing



Facebook Automated Ads are brilliant. Just tell Facebook your goals, and Automated Ads will personalise your ads for a specific audience. 


However, relying too much on Automated Ads and other automation software is not a guaranteed way to gain customers. Social media is all about connecting with others, so you need to add a personal touch to your ads. 


Simple acts like posting pictures of your team or sharing motivational quotes and infographics can make your brand stand out. Your Facebook posts will appear more creative and believable, which is sometimes hard to attain when using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.



Facebook marketing in Singapore is not just about advertising but also sharing quality content to inform and educate people. Use the power of Facebook to initiate healthy and informative discussions.


Let Facebook users know that your brand cares by displaying facts related to your products and services. You can start by sharing customer reviews and testimonials. Try posting questions or surveys to learn more about your followers’ thoughts and concerns.



Images and videos are the leading types of content on Facebook. They are usually the first things people see when browsing their news feed, so make sure your posts contain readable texts. Doing so will ensure that people can read the information present on your Facebook posts.


However, you also have to avoid stuffing your images with oversized texts. Whether it contains too many words or the texts fill up the entire post, prevent your infographics from being overstuffed with too much text. Make your texts readable, but also ensure they only take up to 20% of your images.



Sometimes your reach is not equivalent to the number of people who can receive your ads. You also need to consider targeting the right people who are most likely to engage with your business.


Focus on people who will respond to your ads by narrowing your target groups to increase your ads’ relevance. To do so, you can follow some of these fundamental Facebook marketing practices:


  • Start with basic demographics (age, location, gender, profession, etc.)
  • Look for consumers with similar interests
  • Focus on previous customers
  • Target people with a specific amount of income


Quality content is still the utmost important factor when it comes to Facebook marketing. You have a better chance of increasing your reach and impressions if you share information that will resonate well with your target audience. In that case, identify your target audience early and focus on potential customers who are most likely to be interested in your business.


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