Midyear SEO Review: What Are the Current SEO Trends in 2021?

We are already halfway through 2021, and many things have changed since COVID-19 came into existence. All types of industries, from agricultural to educational sectors, were affected by the global pandemic.


However, despite the tremendous impact of the pandemic as a whole, one thing shall always remain relevant: search engine optimization, also known as SEO


You might hear some people say that SEO is a dying industry. But that is not the case, especially in 2021, when businesses can use digital marketing strategies like SEO to thrive and expand.


In reality, the SEO industry is alive more than ever. You can expect more people to use SEO services in Singapore as internet usage worldwide continues to increase.


If you want to incorporate SEO services into your business, you have to stay updated with the latest trends. Doing so will help you create better SEO strategies that align with your goals and objectives, allowing you to improve your online presence as time progresses.


Here are some of the current SEO trends in 2021 that you should consider.



DIgital Marketing And SEO



Excellent quality content has always played a significant role in SEO and content marketing in general. However, this year, content is more important than ever. You need to create original and lengthy content that will benefit both search engines and readers.


In 2014, Google introduced EAT (which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) as a ranking signal. Because of this search engine update, you have to ensure your content contains reputable and valuable information so you can improve your SEO rankings and establish credibility.


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Furthermore, besides making sure your content is credible and trustworthy, it is also a good idea to increase your word count. Most top-ranking web pages contain approximately 1,000 words and onwards. 


Try to create more long-form content as much as possible. By writing lengthier content, you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise and share more valuable information with your readers.



Artificial intelligence (AI) benefits all types of industries, including SEO in Singapore. You can use AI to gather crucial data for your marketing campaigns. It allows you to understand your target audience further, thus helping you create better SEO strategies based on your research.


One good example of using AI for SEO services is retargeting. With AI, you can discover the amount of time most visitors spend on your website. Your AI software will help you deliver ads to visitors who leave your website, allowing you to regain their trust and encourage them to purchase your products.


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Influencer marketing is not just for social media marketing anymore. With influencer marketing, you can enhance your SEO strategy and attract more potential customers.


How does influencer marketing affect SEO, anyway?


Influencer marketing works for SEO by letting content creators (bloggers, for instance) use links to your website. They can drive more traffic to your website and help you grow an audience.


The trick to using influencer marketing for SEO is to engage a content creator. Collaborate with a content creator who has a similar target audience to your business. From there, you can work together to build an audience and create quality content for potential customers.



More and more people are using social media. In fact, there are more than 4 billion social media users worldwide, so why not use that to your advantage and engage with many people through video marketing?


Videos are one of the most widely favoured types of content. You can boost sales quickly just by producing a high-quality video that showcases your products or services.


However, when it comes to video marketing, you also have to enhance your videos for SEO.Use relevant keywords for your videos’ titles and descriptions to make them SEO-friendly. Optimise your videos for your target audience by using commonly used keywords related to your content.




Being aware of the current SEO trends is the first step to launching a successful campaign for your business. If you want to increase your chances of success, consider partnering with a trusted SEO agency in Singapore.


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