Social Media Marketing: 5 Mistakes To Avoid On Twitter

Almost everyone is using Facebook and Instagram for marketing, but what about Twitter? It may not be as popular as other leading networking sites, yet Twitter remains to be one of the most effective social media marketing platforms.


Similar to Facebook, Twitter is an excellent platform for engagement and communication. The purpose of using Twitter is to encourage users to engage with one another in lively discussions about anything, whether the topic is about politics or pop culture.


Perhaps you could use Twitter as a digital marketing tool? After all, sticking to one social media site may not be enough for your marketing campaign. If you want to get the best possible results for your SEO rankings, you have to consider using other networking sites as well!


However, if you are new to Twitter, you might want to take a step back and examine the possible mistakes that you could encounter when promoting your business. Anyone can use Twitter, but when it comes to marketing, it is an entirely different story.


Here are five social media marketing mistakes to avoid on Twitter!



5 Mistakes To Avoid On Twitter

5 mistakes to avoid in Twitter


1. Using Twitter Solely For Marketing

The only reason for using Twitter is to promote your business, yes? Not exactly. Marketing is not just about promoting your business. Consider other aspects of marketing, such as branding and content generation.


Remember, social media is for entertainment and fun, which are some of the reasons why many people are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you replace all the fun stuff about social media with ads and commercials, you can bet that everyone will leave these networking sites in a snap!


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When on Twitter, engage with your followers by posting quality content. Try to avoid mentioning your business too much, or else your followers could unfollow your page in an instant. Instead, also share informative and entertaining content, such as news, updates, and comedic posts.


2. Not Posting Videos And Images

Same with other social media sites, Twitter encourages users to not only Tweet texts, but also images and videos for everyone else to enjoy. It comes as no surprise since many people are on Twitter for many reasons, such as watching short videos, staying updated on the latest news, sharing personal photos, and more.


Utilise Twitter and its many types of multimedia by posting videos and images. Words and phrases alone are not enough to capture your audience’s attention, so share high-quality videos and photos to increase your level of engagement and attract more followers.


3. Not Tweeting A Call To Action

The goal of posting a call to action (CTA) is to encourage people to make a decision or action, such as follow a social media page, contact a business, subscribe to a newsletter, and many more. Including a CTA in your social media posts is vital since it can determine whether or not you can convert a follower into a customer.


Always include a CTA in your tweets to expand your reach and gain more followers. Even a simple “Retweet this!” can serve as a CTA! Anything is better than nothing, as long as your CTA will leave a lasting impression on your followers.


4. Ignoring Replies And Comments

According to famous American showman and politician Phineas T. Barnum, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” In some ways, this is true. Both negative and positive publicity can benefit for your business as long as you know how to handle feedback. In that case, always respond to your followers’ replies and comments on Twitter!


Part of every social media marketing campaign is engaging with your customers, including replying to comments, messages, and feedback. The same applies to Twitter whenever someone tweets in reply to your posts. Whether it is a negative or positive response, always reply to some who has sent you feedback to gain their trust.


5. Using Hashtags The Wrong Way

Twitter is well-known for its hashtag feature that helps tweets expand their reach to other users. If something is trending on social media, expect it to make its way on Twitter by appearing on the list of Twitter trending hashtags and topics.


However, using hashtags is not as simple as it seems. You need to choose relevant hashtags if you want your tweets to reach more users and gain popularity. Not to mention, using too many hashtags can come off as annoying to your followers.


Hashtags are a helpful tool for marketing but only use them sparingly to add relevance to your tweets. Two or three is the recommended number of hashtags per tweet. Use any more than three hashtags, and your tweets could appear spammy or irritating!




Practise consistency when promoting your business on Twitter. It could take a while to get used to Twitter marketing, but you will get the hang of it once you know the fundamentals of Twitter.


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