YouTube SEO: 4 Essential Factors To Consider

What comes to mind when you think of SEO? Perhaps search engines like Google and Bing are your initial thoughts, but what about YouTube?


Same with Google and Bing, YouTube is a search engine too. Its search engine algorithms revolve around keywords, titles, and descriptions, all of which are vital elements of SEO. You need to optimise your YouTube videos to get more views and likes.


YouTube SEO and website SEO are somewhat similar in which both involve using relevant keywords and promoting your content. You could learn a thing or two from different SEO strategies to incorporate them into your YouTube channel and gain more subscribers.


Why Should You Create A YouTube Channel?


YouTube SEO Factors


If you want to upload a variety of videos, there is no better digital platform than YouTube. Sure, you could launch a social media marketing campaign on Facebook to promote your brand. But with YouTube, you can target a niche audience and grow a list of subscribers by posting high-quality videos.


YouTube is not only a video-sharing platform but also an opportunity to reach a new type of audience. Promote your business on YouTube through high-quality ads, videos, and commercials, and you could attract potential customers in the long run.


Furthermore, YouTube videos are perfect for SEO and marketing in Singapore since they can boost your search engine rankings. Your YouTube videos can appear on top of a Google search engine results page (SERP), allowing you to attract more viewers on platforms outside YouTube.


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If you decide to launch a YouTube channel, consider the following essential factors that will affect SEO.

4 Factors Affecting YouTube SEO

1. Comments, Shares, Likes/Dislikes


YouTube Likes Comments


An American politician and showman who goes by the name of P. T. Barnum once said, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Sometimes, it is true, especially in an age where you can get all the attention you need on social media. How does this statement relate to SEO?


In terms of SEO, any form of publicity can benefit your business if you know how to handle feedback. Comments, shares, likes, dislikes—these can affect your ranking on YouTube. Handle such responses to your videos, and you can use them to your advantage and benefit your SEO strategy.


For example, whenever someone comments on your videos, you can reply as soon as possible, especially if it is a question regarding the content being discussed or presented. Responding in the comment section can shine a positive light on your brand image, so monitor your videos and check if your viewers leave any comments.


2.  Average View Duration Of Your Videos


YouTube Average View Duration


YouTube can determine the average view duration of your videos, and it will decide whether or not your channel deserves a higher ranking. This particular aspect of YouTube is called “audience retention”, and you should measure it whenever you examine your videos’ performance.


On the Analytics section of your YouTube account, you can select the Engagement tab and view the audience retention report. In doing so, you will discover the average view duration of all your videos combined.


Also, you can check if your viewers are watching your videos from start to finish. If not, you should evaluate your videos and see which areas need improvement to improve your search engine rankings on YouTube.


3. Keyword Usage And Targeting


YouTube Keywords Target Usage


Keywords are always a significant part of SEO, regardless of your digital marketing platform. To improve your YouTube SEO strategy, you need to utilise relevant keywords for your videos’ titles, descriptions, and tags. Start by doing keyword research to identify the right keywords for your videos.


The first thing to consider is the relevance of your keywords to your content. For example, if your YouTube channel consists of videos about digital marketing, you could use keywords such as:


  • Digital marketing
  • Digital marketing service
  • Internet marketing
  • Web marketing


These are just examples of keywords that you could use for your titles, tags, and descriptions. Check if your keywords are suitable for the type of content you wish to present on your YouTube channel, and your videos are good to go. You can even use your keywords as hashtags, which can subtly influence your rankings.


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4. Thumbnails

YouTube OOm Singapore Thumbnails


Who would have thought that thumbnails—as small as they seem—can make a huge difference when it comes to YouTube SEO? Choosing the right thumbnails for your videos can determine whether or not viewers will click on your video. 


You need to pick an eye-catching thumbnail that captures the essence of your video’s content in one image. An excellent thumbnail can help you earn more clicks and boost your YouTube rankings, so pick your thumbnails wisely.


YouTube is an excellent digital marketing tool in SG. Know how to use it, and you can improve your web visibility and establish a reputable online presence, unlike any other!


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