How To Get More Views By Using YouTube Hashtags?

Hashtags are everywhere on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—these are some of the social media platforms that display a lot of hashtags. But did you know that YouTube is also a social media platform where hashtags are commonplace?


Each YouTube description contains a few hashtags provided by the uploader. The purpose of using hashtags on YouTube is the same compared to any other social media site: to reach people who may be interested in your content.


However, is using hashtags an effective way to gain more views and subscribers? In most ways, yes. You can connect your videos with relevant trends and topics to reach more interested viewers.


On the downside, hashtags are not a sure-fire way to get more people to watch your videos. Your videos have a better chance of showing up on top of most search results, but they are not 100% guaranteed to earn more views.


Nonetheless, hashtags are vital assets for your digital marketing campaign. Make it a habit to include a few relevant hashtags whenever you’re creating content for social media, especially YouTube.


If you want to gain more views and followers on YouTube, always write well-detailed descriptions for your videos and include relevant hashtags. Here’s how you can increase your number of viewers by using YouTube hashtags.



How To Gain More Views On YouTube By Using Hashtags

How To Gain More Views On Youtube By Using Hashtags


1. Use Hashtags In Three Different Ways

You can put hashtags in three different parts of your videos: the video description, above the title, and the title itself. It might be a good idea to insert as many hashtags as possible, but try to limit your number of hashtags to prevent your descriptions or title from looking spammy.


Choose any part of your written content on your YouTube videos, and include relevant hashtags to draw attention and gain views. Your hashtags will serve as keywords or phrases that will redirect viewers to your videos.


2. Insert Relevant Hashtags

When using hashtags, always choose the most relevant ones for your videos. This tactic applies to any social media post when creating content with hashtags. Always include relevant hashtags in your content to connect it with the latest trends and topics.


For example, if you want to upload videos discussing the importance of digital marketing, then you can use relevant hashtags such as “digital marketing”, “internet marketing”, “SEO”, and many more.


The key is to use hashtags that most people are most likely going to search for on YouTube. In that case, think like your audience, and look for keywords and phrases that will connect your videos with the most relevant topics as of late.


3. Avoid Using Too Many Hashtags

How can you tell if your video has too many hashtags? While there is no definite number of hashtags that you should use for your YouTube videos, that doesn’t mean you should stuff your titles or descriptions with hashtags.


The purpose of using hashtags is to get more views, and your viewers probably know that by now. If you include too many hashtags in your title or description, most of your viewers might think your content is too on-the-nose or spammy. In that case, limit your number of hashtags for each title or description.


Create high-quality content and insert hashtags naturally to connect with your readers in a conversational tone. Also, remember to use relevant hashtags. Keywords and phrases that have no connection to your videos will not have any positive effect, so only include relevant hashtags.


Furthermore, avoid misleading your viewers by using unrelated hashtags to increase your number of views. Sure, you might get a handful of people to watch your videos, but you will also give a poor first impression of your YouTube channel. Using irrelevant hashtags will only put your YouTube channel in a bad state by damaging your online reputation.


If you want to know more about using hashtags on YouTube, discover how the pros do it by checking the highest-rated YouTube videos in recent years. You can see how most YouTubers use hashtags in their video descriptions and titles. Try to follow their technique and know if the very same strategy is working well for your videos.




Hashtags are vital for your SEO rankings. Even though they affect your SEO rankings indirectly, hashtags can improve your web visibility on search engines. Use them wisely, and you can boost your SEO rankings in the long run!


Of course, using hashtags in your YouTube videos will take some time before you generate significant results. However, the results are worth the wait. Continue to use relevant hashtags as part of your social media marketing strategy so you can reach your target audience and improve your web visibility.