5 Creative Ideas For Your TikTok Marketing Campaign

TikTok rose to prominence as one of the leading social media apps in 2020. It quickly became the go-to app for short-form videos, allowing people to enjoy quality content in just a few minutes or seconds.


2021 has arrived, and TikTok still has almost millions of active users worldwide. No doubt that the leading social media app will remain on top with other high-tier apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


The rapid growth of TikTok will continue to prosper in 2021. There is no better time to promote your brand on TikTok other than now. Here are some creative ideas that you could use for your social media marketing campaign on TikTok.



5 Creative Ideas For TikTok Marketing


Creative Ideas For Tiktok Marketing


1. Use The Right Music For Your Content

The early days of TikTok were all about music, with countless videos of people lip-syncing and dancing uploaded daily. Nowadays, music is still a big part of TikTok, and you can use it to your advantage.


TikTok offers a wide range of features, including the ability to edit your videos with filters and music.  Use the right music for your TikTok videos, and your content can appeal to the right audience. For instance, if you want to promote your products in a fun, comedic, and lighthearted way, try using pop music that will fit the tone and style of your video.


Also, pop music is not the only genre that you can use for your TikTok videos. Explore other musical genres and find the perfect song to match your content. Experiment with different music and know which ones will appeal to your target audience the most.


2. Make How-to Videos Or Tutorials

Most TikTok videos revolve around fun and entertainment, but many people also love TikTok for its educational and informative content. You can educate your followers and give them a barrage of valuable information about your products, services, or line of work.


You can use any information on trending topics related to your business. Remember to add some music and special effects to add a bit of goofiness and fun to your video. Doing so should make your tutorials and how-to videos entertaining and educational.


Another tip for making educational videos is to obtain valuable information only from reliable sources. You can mention your references to make your videos more credible and trustworthy.


3. Partner With A TikTok Influencer

When it comes to influencer marketing, TikTok is a leading social media platform. You can connect with thousands of potential customers by partnering with a famous social media influencer.


The right influencer for your digital marketing campaign doesn’t need to have a million followers. What matters the most is finding an influencer who has the same target audience as you. Consider choosing an influencer who showcases a suitable tone of voice for your brand too, so more TikTok users can easily associate your business with the influencer.


4. Show A Glimpse Of Your Business

Many people appreciate businesses that are willing to show a behind-the-scenes look at their daily operations. Companies that do so come off as transparent and honest, thus earning the trust of their customers.


Since TikTok is all about fun, try showing the fun side of your business. You can upload short videos showcasing the process of how your operations work every day. Give your TikTok followers some additional insight about your products or services so they can understand your business even better.


For instance, you can introduce yourself and your colleagues in a series of episodes highlighting different parts of your business. Unlike tutorials, your behind-the-scenes videos should talk more about your products, services, or staff and less about educational information. In doing so, your brand can appeal to a broader audience by appearing down-to-earth and relatable.


5. Host A Giveaway

A successful contest or giveaway can immediately attract hundreds of potential customers. Your videos can generate a lot of attention if your videos have a valuable prize that is up for grabs.


Promote your best-selling products and give one away to a lucky customer. Doing so should encourage your followers to participate in your contest, allowing you to connect with more people and potential customers.



The Importance Of TikTok For Social Media Marketing

TikTok may still be a relatively new digital marketing platform compared to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but it is already one of the most active social media apps worldwide. Using TikTok for marketing is highly advisable, considering its large number of active users, as well as its wide range of features.


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