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2020 may be gone for good. However, it will go down in history since global retail ecommerce reached sales of S$5.77 trillion from 2019’s S$4.52 trillion. 


That sudden increase made businesses digitally transform themselves to reach out to their customers despite the ongoing pandemic, which is a good idea. Not only could they offer the needs and wants of their customers, but they could also communicate and interact with them online. 


The problem, however, is that many businesses move online, and customers become smarter with their purchases. The competition to make sales grow fiercer, and cart abandonment becomes more common. 


Statistics show that the average cart abandonment rate across all industries is around 69.57%, and as an ecommerce business owner, you would not want that to happen in your online store. 


To prevent that from happening, you should make your shopping cart SEO friendly. Doing so should enhance your customers’ shopping experience. 


How can I make the shopping cart SEO friendly?


Adapting ecommerce SEO in your online store would help make that happen. To help you out, take note of these pointers to get you started.

3 Ways to Make Shopping Cart SEO Friendly


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1. Your Inventory Should Be Crawlable.

The word crawlable might sound absurd and has nothing to do with your ecommerce shop or SEO, but you are mistaken. Crawlable means a lot to all types of websites since it allows search engines to index the pages they contain. 


If your online store has crawlable issues, not only the search engines would have trouble navigating your website, but also your potential customers. 


That is why you should make sure to add categories to the products you are selling, such as brand names, colours, sizes, and prices. With all of these, your customers would be able to shop with ease. 


2. Do Your Keyword Research

Whether you have a website of your own or a Shopify vendor, this SEO strategy is a must. Keyword research allows you to figure out what your customers are looking for. 


By knowing the sentence and phrases they type on search engines, you would gain ideas to add to your inventory. Therefore, by the time they discover your online store and find what they want, they will certainly make a purchase.


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Another ecommerce SEO strategy you should start using in your online store is link building. 


Link building is a process that directs your potential customers back to your website. Specifically, they would go to the web page of the anchored text from where you post the article on other websites.


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What Is The Best Shopping Cart Software For SEO?

If you are tech-savvy and want to customise your shopping cart, you should opt for open-source shopping cart software. However, if you have no ecommerce SEO development experience or skills, it would be better to get a hosted shopping cart like Shopify


Shopify is a software platform that is easy to use, even for beginners. Moreover, it is relatively affordable and has many payment gateways that make it popular among ecommerce business owners.


To convince you more why Shopify is the best shopping cart software, read the article written by TechRadar. They place Shopify on top of the list. 


How Can I Create An Abandoned Cart Recovery campaign?

Since cart abandonment is more common these days, you have to be more careful when approaching your customers. Otherwise, you might scare them away, and they would look for other online stores similar to yours as a result. 


That is why before that day comes, you have to think and do things differently and ahead of time. You should know that an effective cart abandonment recovery campaign contains parts: 


1. Audience Segmentation

The first thing you need to do is define the search intent of your customers. That means after doing your keyword research, decipher what exactly they want to know and look for online. 


Once you figure that out, you would make them spend more time on your online store and view more of your product pages. 


2. Cross-Channel Campaign

Besides your online store alone, you also need to reach out to your customers on different platforms such as social media and email. By doing so, you would be able to remind them about your latest products and promotions.


Guarantee to interact, connect, and communicate with them with the same tone and message across different platforms. That way, they would be able to grasp your message regardless of where they see it and would also make your other ecommerce SEO strategy work better. 


3. On-Site Personalisation

To engage better with your customers, you should personalise your product pages. Apart from adding categories, you should also include product recommendations like daily discovery, similar items, and you may also like. With these three, you would be able to entice them to shop for more. 


Making your shopping cart SEO friendly is easier said than done, especially if you are new to ecommerce SEO and have no idea what you should do and should not do. That is why if you think you need help with your online store, let an SEO agency lend you a hand. 


For more tips and tricks about ecommerce SEO, get in touch with our SEO services. Contact OOm at 6391-0930.

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