How To Use Instagram Stories For Social Media Marketing?

Instagram introduced the “Stories” feature in 2015, and many people have been enjoying it ever since. However, even though it has been around quite some time already, not many people can use it efficiently for marketing.


Why should you use Instagram Stories to promote your business? For starters, more than 500 million people are using Instagram Stories daily. Those numbers are a good enough reason to utilize Instagram Stories for social media marketing. In that case, try including Instagram Stories as a part of your marketing strategy!


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Check out this brief guide to using Instagram Stories for social media marketing.



3 Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Social Media Marketing


1. Upload Live Videos

Influencers on Instagram are using Stories to upload live videos and update their followers. Perhaps you can do the same by posting live videos that showcase a relatively unknown side of your business. Whenever you have a special event or a product demonstration, you can upload a live video using Instagram Stories.


2. Post Surveys Or Quizzes

Using Instagram Stories is the perfect way to interact with your followers. You can post pictures with captions that include a short quiz or survey. International brands like Netflix are doing the same strategy by posting fun quizzes and surveys to interact with their followers in a fun and engaging way.


3. Check Your Views

When creating ads, quizzes, surveys, and videos for Instagram Stories, always remember to check your views. You can check the number of views and people who watched your Instagram Stories. Use this opportunity to research the type of audience that might be interested in your brand. If your posts are not performing well as expected, then analyze your Stories and create better content in the future.



The Importance Of Instagram Stories For Social Media Marketing

Importance of Instagram Stories For Social Media Marketing


The trick to using Instagram Stories for digital marketing is not just to act like a professional, but to think like the average consumer, too. You need to understand why and how people use Instagram Stories every day. If that is the case, then why do people use Instagram Stories, anyway?


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First, Instagram Stories is an interactive feature that allows users to connect with others. You can upload a picture or video and let your followers react to your Instagram story in any way they want, mainly by sending a text message or emoji.


Second, with Instagram Stories, commitment is not a problem. Unlike regular posting of pictures or videos, your Instagram story will vanish in  24 hours. If you cannot commit to adding a post on your Instagram feed for a long time, then consider using Instagram Stories instead.


Instagram adopted the Stories idea from the now-defunct Snapchat. Now that Snapchat no longer exists, Instagram is the king of Stories and other similar features. But what makes Instagram Stories such an excellent asset for marketing? Here are a few reasons why:


1. Your Followers Won’t Get Annoyed

Overpromoting is one of the most common social media marketing mistakes. People on social media usually get annoyed when they see too many ads in succession, so avoid making that same mistake at all costs.


Fortunately, users have the choice of whether or not to view an Instagram story. That means you can give your followers a chance to watch your ads without shoving them in front of their 



2. Customer Communication Is The Key

Communication is always the key to success, especially when it comes to social media marketing. The good news is that Instagram Stories is a highly efficient feature for interacting with your followers. Your followers can respond to your story anytime within its 24-hour mark. Use the opportunity to communicate with your followers whenever they comment on your Instagram story.


3. Show Another Side Of Your Brand

Since Facebook became the official owner of Instagram, the leading photo and video sharing service offered more features than ever. Besides enhancing your Instagram feed to improve your brand image on social media, try to use Instagram Stories for marketing. With Instagram Stories, you can show another creative side of your brand to your followers.




Stories are just one of the many Instagram features that can benefit your social media marketing campaign. Instagram itself is already a brilliant example of how a photo and video sharing network can help your business grow. Get the best results out of your marketing campaign on social media by using Instagram to its fullest potential, including Instagram Stories!


Promoting your business on Instagram is harder than it looks. If you need help, get in touch with a digital marketing agency for additional support in creating effective marketing strategies.


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