Instagram Marketing: Trends To Consider In 2020

Oct 06 2020

Instagram Marketing: Trends To Consider In 2020

Written by Carlo Angelo Suñga

Instagram Marketing Trends in 2020

We are already in the second half of 2020, yet it feels like time is moving as slow as a turtle. But believe it or not, many things have changed in the past few months, especially when it comes to social media.


Today, we will tackle the current state of Instagram and see how it can benefit your marketing campaign. Instagram is one of the best social media platforms, so it is not surprising that many people are still active on the said networking service.


Compared to other networking sites such as Facebook and TikTok, does Instagram stand a chance when it comes to marketing your business? Of course! Instagram is one of the best social media marketing platforms for showcasing the quality of your products or services. You can post high-quality photos and videos to promote your business and engage with potential customers.


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However, to manage a successful social media marketing campaign on Instagram, you need to be aware of the current trends. There are both minor and significant changes with Instagram that could benefit your business, which we will discuss today.



Instagram Trends In 2020


1. Instagram and eCommerce

The rise of Instagram shopping comes as no surprise. In recent years, Instagram has been providing users with more options to sell and purchase products online. However, 2020 is the year that has changed the eCommerce landscape on Instagram forever.


This 2020 is the rise of Instagram shopping, thanks to active communities that participate in eCommerce. Not only does Instagram present the feature to buy products directly, but more people are joining the fun and setting up shops on the social media app.


Sure, Facebook also lets you establish a dedicated online store with a variety of features, but Instagram is just as good—if not better—when it comes to eCommerce. If you want to set up an online store on social media, consider using Instagram as your go-to marketing platform next to Facebook. With an active community and vast potential to grow, you can boost your SEO rankings and attract new customers on Instagram.


2. Instagram Stories

Snapchat may have started the trend of short videos, but Instagram has continued to follow suit. Ever since Instagram introduced a “Stories” feature similar to Snapchat, many people hopped on the bandwagon and posted videos of their own.


Besides videos, you can also share photos with Instagram Stories. Your Story will vanish after 24 hours, which is why you should make the best of it by sharing quality photos or videos to promote your business, products, and services.


The Stories feature is not new. Instagram introduced the Stories feature to combat Snapchat, which turned out to be a success as the leading photo and video sharing app succeeded. 86%% of users are post Stories, which is why you should consider doing the same to promote your business.


If you decide to launch a social media marketing campaign on Instagram, remember to use the Stories feature to share as many videos and photos as you can. Doing so will help you engage with your followers and reach more potential customers.


3. Instagram Influencers

Influencers are everywhere on social media. Facebook, TikTok, Twitter—you name it. Almost every leading social media app has a diverse number of influencers, including YouTube and its “YouTubers”.


Again, Instagram influencers are not new, but 2020 is the year where you will see more of them. In that case, you can get in touch with a few Instagram influencers who could promote your products and business.


The cost of influencer marketing can range from cheap to expensive, depending on your selected influencer. Influencers with a high level of engagement and millions of followers cost a lot more money in persuading them to promote your business. Choose an influencer who is suitable for your line of work, and you may succeed in reaching the right audience on Instagram.



Similar to YouTube, you can post videos using the relatively new IGTV, a part of Instagram as its long-form video platform. IGTV is valuable for content creators who specialise in recording and editing videos. The best part is that you can earn money directly from your videos on IGTV.


Aside from posting videos, you can share short-second ads that will show up on a user’s newsfeed when using IGTV. Try using IGTV to present your brand to a whole new audience. In doing so, you could attract new followers and convert them into loyal customers.



What’s Next?

Promoting your business on Instagram is easier said than done, especially with countless other people doing the same. But anything is possible as long as you follow effective SEO practices and plan early. To get ahead of your competition on Instagram, consider working with a digital marketing agency in Singapore for additional assistance and access to efficient tools!


For more of the latest trends in the digital marketing industry, contact our SEO company in Singapore at 6391-0930.

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Written by Carlo Angelo Suñga

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