Social media has come a long way. In our current society, social media has become a modern necessity. People use it to interact, connect, and communicate with others, and we even use social media to learn and buy things we want.


Since many consumers are using networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram, many businesses also use them for marketing their products and services. That is why this course of action is called social media marketing, a strategy where you use social media platforms to build strong relationships with your customers. 


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As a platform, social media can be effective for commercialising your brand, but it can also be disastrous if you do not know how to use it properly. That is why you should know when and how to post your content.


Everyone can market their business on social media, but the question is: How to do social media marketing properly? 


Studying the ins and outs of social media marketing would help you know when you should publish your posts and how to do it. Here is a social media marketing guide on how to post content on social media platforms.

5 Tips for Posting Content on Social Media Platforms

5 Tips for Posting Content on Social Media Platforms


1. List Down All Social Media Accounts

You might think this tip has nothing to do with posting social media content, but you are mistaken. Know that by listing down all of your social media accounts, you would be able to see the big picture of what you need to do. 


One of which is to know if the name of your brand is consistent across social media platforms. If you ever find out there is one that does not match the rest, consider changing it. You should know that consistency is key to making your brand stand out and discoverable for your existing customers. 


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2. Determine Target Audience & Brand Voice

The next thing you need to do after listing down all of your social media accounts is to know who your target audience is. Doing so would help you create and develop the voice of your brand for social media marketing campaigns.


What exactly is the voice of a brand, anyway? 


To put it simply, it is how you interact, connect, and communicate with your target audience. You can think of it as the personality and attitude that defines your brand. Here is an example of what a brand’s voice is from Wendy’s


Example Of Brand Voice


However, before you reach that point yet, as mentioned above, you need to know who you are speaking to. Start by writing a brief description of the personas of your target audience. That alone would help you find out how you should approach them. 


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3. Create A Social Media Calendar

Everyone has a daily routine, which is why creating a social media calendar is a must so you can prepare and schedule your social media marketing campaign ahead of time. 


Create Social Media Calendar


Here is the step-by-step process you need to follow.


  • Do social media audit
  • Choose a social media platform you would like to create a social media calendar.
  • Determine what your social media calendar needs to track (e.g. business days or weekly)
  • Make content library (listed down all the blog topics you have in mind)
  • Establish a standard workflow (how many articles should be done when per month or weeks)
  • Ask the content marketing team to review and give feedback. 


Make sure you create relevant and engaging social media and set deadlines. Doing so would help you schedule each one accordingly. List down your posts on specific dates and track all of them down until they’re published.


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4. Study Each Platform

Everyone is different, so are social media platforms. You know that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have different numbers of users. Some have a higher range than others, while others have better customer engagement.


But even if that is the case, every social media platform is unique, and each has its own rules when it comes to posting social media marketing campaigns.  That is why before you consider posting to either one of the mentioned social media platforms above, you should know the following. 


  • Word count 
  • Emojis
  • Hashtags
  • Image and video format


Once you know the answer to these, you are ready to post quality content.


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5. Post At Specific Times

Once you have your social media calendar and social media accounts ready, the next step is to schedule your posts. The problem, however, is when exactly a brand should publish its social media content?


The truth is, there is no definite time when you should post since it all depends on your target audience. Therefore, do your research to discover when your potential customers are the most active on each social media platform. Doing so would help you determine what time of the day you should post an article or a digital content creation (infographic). 


Nonetheless, the picture below listed the best time to post on Instagram, along with other social media platforms.


Best Times To Post Content


Disclaimer: All information in the table chart above are findings from the Central Time Zone, which is why results may vary. Use this document as a benchmark for general and industry best practices, and make sure to test which posting times work best. (Research Data from sprout social and The Harris Poll)


Remember, customer engagement on social media platforms is a trial-and-error process. The best time to post can vary depending on your customers. So study and understand your market when they are most active. With this, you can time your posts when it is most convenient for them.




Overall, your target audience is the one who would determine when and how you should publish your social media content. That is why it is vital to consider them and their activity on social media. As such, you would know the answer to the when and how. 


Make sure you take time to study your customer’s behaviour, so you would be able to create a social media marketing campaign that helps attract traffic, gain leads and conversions. 


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