A Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Remarketing

There will always be a handful of people who will either hesitate or suddenly refuse to buy from your products. This problem happens a lot when it comes to online shopping and social media marketing. Customers would abandon their carts at the very last minute.


Unfortunately, cart abandonment is also a common occurrence on Facebook. Some people would suddenly abandon their purchase after thinking twice about their decision. If you have encountered this problem with your customers, then you might want to implement a new remarketing strategy for your online business.



The Importance Of Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing refers to marketing strategies that focuses on delivering ads to customers who have already visited your website or online store. In the context of Facebook, it is pretty much the same. With Facebook remarketing, you can follow previous customers and spark their interest in your products a few more times.


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Your ads will show up on previous customers’ Facebook feeds to subtly persuade them to finalize their purchase or buy more products. For some people, this type of marketing is a bit intrusive. But have no fear because remarketing is a safe marketing practice that does not invade anyone’s privacy.


Remarketing is an essential strategy for every Facebook marketing campaign. You need to connect with as many potential customers as possible, including those who have visited your online store.



Creating A Custom Audience

Create A Custom Audience Facebook Remarketing


To begin your Facebook remarketing strategy, you need to create a custom audience. Choose from three different options: Customer List, Website Traffic, and App Activity.


1. Customer List

As the name suggests, “Customer List” is a list of your customers, including their emails, phone numbers, and user IDs. You will import your customer list in your business account, and Facebook will do the rest.


2. Website Traffic

Install Facebook Pixel if you want your remarketing campaign to target customers based on website traffic. This option allows you to target people on webpages related to your products. For example, you can promote your latest shoes to people currently searching for sneakers on Google.


3. App Activity

The “App Activity” option is for Facebook business owners who have a mobile app. You can target Facebook users based on their app activity. For example, if a customer abandons their shopping cart in your mobile app, you can follow them and send ads of the very same product they were supposed to buy.


Create a custom audience that will benefit your business the most. Do a little research on your target audience and evaluate your marketing assets to discover which option is perfect for your remarketing campaign.



3 Tips For Facebook Remarketing


1. Create Ads Just For Your Target Audience

The goal of Facebook remarketing is to focus on people who have visited your Facebook shop at least once. Create ads just for them so you can regain their trust and encourage them to finalize their purchase.


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Ensure your ads are relevant to your target audience. You can do so by checking out the “Detailed Targeting” option that lets you target people based on their demographics, interests, behaviours, and many more.


2. Focus On Potential Customers

Potential customers are people who are more likely to buy your products. Focusing on them offers the highest chance of boosting your return on investment (ROI) if you succeed in converting leads to sales.


To narrow down your customer list even further, you can make adjustments based on a few specific parameters of your choice. For example, you can target potential customers who have done the following:


  • Explored your product page at least once
  • Abandoned their cart
  • Viewed your landing page
  • Signed up for an account


3. Evaluate Your Performance

You need to check if your ads are doing a successful job of converting previous visitors into customers. Fortunately, Facebook has a measurement system that will help you evaluate your ad performance and its success rate regarding your audience engagement.


Sometimes, you will fail in persuading your customers to finalize their purchase after they have abandoned their cart, but you can always try again. Evaluate your performance and check for any signs of errors that may indicate where your ads have gone wrong.


For example, you might be targeting people with irrelevant demographics and interests. Perhaps your ads lack a personal touch necessary for gaining the audience’s trust. Try personalizing your ads to show existing customers that your products are worth buying.




Facebook remarketing is an essential part of social media marketing. You can apply the strategies on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms to regain old leads and convert them into sales.


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