A Brief Guide To Twitter Marketing In 2021

You can’t discuss social media marketing without including Twitter in the mix. Twitter is one of the most active social media platforms worldwide in 2020, along with Facebook and Instagram.


Social media continues to grow in numbers. How will this affect Twitter? More importantly, how will this change the landscape of social media marketing on Twitter? First, let’s see how Twitter performed well in 2020.



Twitter 2020: A Year-in Review

2020 was a strong year for Twitter. There were around 340 million Twitter users worldwide, with 500 million Tweets posted every day. Millions of people used Twitter as a source of information, news, and entertainment.


Also, most people on Twitter are millennials. Expect the Twitter community to mostly compose of younger people, from teenagers to young adults.


Another neat fact about Twitter in 2020 is that 85% of small to medium-sized businesses use Twitter to engage with more customers. It comes as no surprise since Twitter is an ideal platform for social media marketing and customer communication. You can respond to your followers or customers in real-time and expect timely responses as well.


These statistics prove that Twitter served as a viable marketing platform for businesses in 2020. You can expect the same thing to happen in 2021. Keep an eye out for the latest trends on Twitter this year so you can adopt brand new social media marketing strategies.


What are the changes in consumer behaviour that have brought Twitter to where it is today? Some of the marketing trends on Twitter last year include:


  • Videos, emails, and images are the most preferred types of content (in that order)
  • Twitter is a primary source of news (next to Facebook)
  • Emojis are an integral part of Tweets


These trends circulated the majority of Twitter feeds in 2020. You would see tons of brands on Twitter using emojis in their Tweets to humanize their content, along with a variety of ads, such as commercials and short videos, to attract attention.


What does the rest of the year 2021 have in store for Twitter? How can you use Twitter as your primary lead generation tool for digital marketing? Let’s find out.



How To Use Twitter For Social Media Marketing In 2021


1. Tweet More Videos And Images

In a fast-paced networking environment like Twitter, getting straight to the point is what will help you win the race against your competitors. In that case, try to Tweet videos and images more often. It will allow you to gain traction in no time!


As mentioned earlier, most Twitter users enjoy viewing quality videos and images. Use that opportunity to engage with more followers on Twitter by posting visuals. Create high-quality ads that will grab attention instantly. Of course, you still have to create intriguing captions for your Tweets, but try to make videos and pictures your priority.


2. Be Active And Engage More Often

Twitter is just as active as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites or apps. But since Twitter promotes real-time engagement with other users, you have to be even more active to establish your presence.


When it comes to excellent customer service, no other platform provides it better like Twitter. Take Wendy’s Twitter account, for example. The popular fast-food chain loves to crack jokes and interact with its Twitter followers.


Social Media Marketing - Be Active And Engage More Often

A simple joke can get you hundreds, even thousands, of views.


If it fits with your brand voice, why not exhibit a sense of humour as well? Nobody expected Wendy’s to make sassy and comedic remarks about its rival brands, but it worked out in their favour in the end.


Engage with your followers more often by staying active as much as you can. Be present on Twitter and check if your Tweets have replies from others. If so, then start a conversation to get things going! A simple Tweet in response to your followers can leave a long-lasting impression on your brand image.


3. Tweet To Other Businesses

Making an official partnership with other brands is not necessary. All you have to do is reply to Tweets from other businesses in a positive light! For instance, check out this Tweet from Doom, a popular video game franchise, in response to another franchise called Animal Crossing.


Social Media Marketing - Be Active And Engage More Often 2

Doom and Animal Crossing are video games with very different target audiences.


In the context, Doom and Animal Crossing (owned by Nintendo) are nothing alike. Doom is about slaying demons while Animal Crossing lets you control the life of a villager. Despite being vastly different from each other, Doom replied to Nintendo and garnered attention from thousands of Twitter users, allowing them to gain more followers as a result.


Wendy’s does something similar by commenting on other rival companies like Mcdonald’s and Burger King and mocking them on Twitter.


Social Media Marketing - Be Active And Engage More Often 3


Of course, it only works since it is part of Wendy’s sarcastic brand voice. Perhaps you can do something similar by Tweeting other companies or businesses. Even a simple congratulatory remark for your rivals can set a positive first impression of your brand!




Managing a Twitter account is fun once you get the hang of it! If you need help, get in touch with a digital marketing agency for additional support.


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